The Band

My thoughts were on all the things I wanted to do to Dev and with Dev later that night and I heard him laughing behind me as we walked out of the hall way. I turned around and grinned at him and gave him a flourishing bow which made him laugh and roll his eyes. Dev made his way to where the rest of his … Continue reading The Band

Making Up

The shirt had wrapped around me when I caught it slapping at my unscarred back and I winced at the pressure. Fuck! I stared at the shirt for ten minutes before a head poked into the closet where I sat on the floor. Drake smiled at me. “Hi Daddy. You okay?” I nodded. “Fine.” “You don’t look fine.” He said with all the wisdom of … Continue reading Making Up

New Apartment

When you have an entire construction crew working around the clock it’s not hard to finish a project like this in such a small amount of time. Cari has on staff three construction crews that work one job until completion that works round the clock for all the Night Life Building. The only thing that takes a while is for things to dry, but when … Continue reading New Apartment