A Long Day

I like AJ wrote a small short for Alex’s birthday. It’s not a sex story which will disappoint him I’m sure, but it’s a thought I had when AJ left work yesterday.

Thud goes the head severed from the vampire’s body. They don’t burst into flames like the TV shows show you. There is a lot about vampires the myths and legends get wrong — and for good reason. 

“That’s the last of them.” I said to Vin as he wiped his blade on the shirt of a vampire. Like most of the old vampires, he preferred to use the melee weapons — a regular long sword he’s had since the Roman empire. These vampires were no good. Stirring up trouble with the locals. And not just the humans — they were preying on dragons and therians — powerful blood.

They tried to take Faelen from me, but the two I caught lived only long enough for me to get the information about their nest before they lost their lives. Faelen was safe. A little more rattled than he was before, but he was home with the rest of the family. Vin, Griffin and I hunted them down without mercy.

The blood covered next burnt as we laid their victims laid to rest. The victim’s bodies would never be found, a sad price we had to pay to keep our secret safe. 

Home was where I wanted to be, but the fire was my responsibility. I watched until the last of the bodies were nothing but ash. And then Vin stepped into a shadow with my hand in his to the simple place where we all came and went through the shadows. The small room was light with a bright light creating a deep shadow in a very specific corner of the room. It wasn’t magic that kept people out, it was the two or three seconds you had to complete the code that disabled the security measures. Thankfully, Vin was fast enough.

Vin followed me to the communal shower. I didn’t want to wash the blood and guts down the drain where Alex and I showered daily. Griffin was already there, and the three of stood in silence as the water streamed down our bodies, cleansing us from the putrid stench that was dead vampire blood.

And when we were dressed the three of us didn’t need to know where everyone was. The dim sound of the surround sound beat against the walls of the media room where explosions sounded, and we found the rest of our family. Faelen was curled up with Rider. He beamed at me and was in my arms before I moved. He almost toppled me to the ground.

We curled up on the couch next to Alex, or rather I was curled up in Alex’s lap and Faelen leaned against me. We both wrapped our arms around him and we watched whatever action movie Alex had chosen.

This is all your brother’s doing. 

I grinned and leaned up to press a kiss against his lips.

“Get a room.” echoed across from multiple directions, and Alex flipped them the bird. 

The little kids tsked at Alex. He knew better and he at least had the sense enough to blush, though no one saw it in the darkness. Well, maybe they did, most of them had excellent night vision. I didn’t care what they werewatching;, I pressed my face into the crook of Alex’s neck and took in his scent. I missed him even though we hadn’t been gone long. I so fucking love you. I thought at him.

“No swearing, Daddy!” Cass whispered. Alex chuckled and pulled me closer to him. This was home.

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