Helpless – part 1

“The final exam will test all the skills you’ve learned here and your training to this point. You will find a rogue creature in your packets, and you will eliminate them.” Mr. Hall said to the whole class. I tapped the white envelope with a number 8 scrawled across the front against my desk, waiting.

Mr. Hall continued, “The number on the envelope indicates the order in which you will take your final.” At least I wasn’t the first or last.

Everyone ripped open their envelopes, finding news clippings and other information. Part of the class was figuring out the culprit — following all the leads. Mr. Hall had all the answer to each packet. Mr. Hall didn’t know I had done all the work for these cases. The research was one of my jobs working with Dae’lin, one of two lead Hunters who handled assignments. And she was my Magnus mentor — she trained me in the elemental training outside of the basics. She was the closest Magnus to my power levels.

I had to wait for my turn, which could be days away. I had my mark, how to confront them, and I hoped I got my turn before the full moon; otherwise, I’d be working off knowledge without proof. Something I told myself I’d never do. The fact that I had to take a life was bad enough. The whole thing didn’t sit well with me but was the only thing they would let me do. I was too powerful not to put into the field even with my lacking strength and agility.

A month passed before Mr.Hall called me into his office, “Nox, you ready?” He asked, sitting at his desk, looking at me through wide-rimmed spectacles.

“Yes, The moon is full, I’m going to have to work fast.” I kept tabs on my werewolf, at least on the area he’d been seen in the past few months, and I made sure everyone was safe. I’d text Dae’lin if I found any danger. She’d handle the assignments since I wasn’t old enough to hunt on my own — except for tonight, which was an exception to the rule. This was my final exam.

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