Nano’s around the corner – 2 days away actually.

AJ’s ready to go. We are in between books so yay! no worrying about finishing things. We hope that it will play out well. The outline is there. AJ is eager to write and is thinking about that first scene. There are technically two first scenes… You’ll get it once it starts.

In case you missed it, AJ wasted an entire lunch hour making the cover for the story:


Isn’t it appropriate? For what you know of Sage? And since it’s a dream sequence about his heroes it’s perfect. Granted they aren’t his professional heroes, because those are a completely different entity entirely.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds to name a few, I’ve heard of the first two, AJ knows the other two too. Microsoft, Apple, Apple and Linux I think. AJ’s nodding and I’m shrugging. I get so lost sometimes.

Anyway 50K starts in two days. AJ’s daughters participating this year too with actual plans to finish. You might get post 1 on day 1 we’ll see how much time AJ has to post it up while writing and working hard core on her app at work.