Nyx, The Young Phoenix

Nyx is a special creature, almost an NPC so has a bit more to it than other typical Cypher System creatures.

Nyx is a Beneficent Young Phoenix who Protects the Feather Bearer 3 (9)

Description: A large bird with bright red, orange, and yellow feathers. A crest on his head and long tail feathers. The feathers do not cease glowing if removed, and one feather can light a large room if not concealed. Nyx has glowing orange eyes but is missing the left one, a large scar runs from top to bottom

Motive: To Protect the Feather Bearer


Age: 26
Level: 3 (9)
Health: 11
Movement: Flies, long distance
Damage: 2, +2 fire


  • Generous: +1 to recovery rolls for the Feather Bearer
  • Healing Touch (149) for the Feather Bearer
  • Devoted Defender (128) of the Feather Bearer
  • Hidden Closet (149)
  • Immune to fire damage, vulnerable to cold damage (+1 to damage taken)
  • Mental Link (161) with Feather Bearer
  • Shroud of Flame (183)


  • If reduced to 0 health, it dissipates. It reforms in its object in 2d6 + 2 days debilitating the feather bearer for the same number of days.


Nyx: Platonic 5

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