Nox Luxignis

Nox Luxignis is a Mystical Warrior Contains a Phoenix

Descriptor: Mystical (53)
Type: Warrior (20)
Flavor: Magic (36)
Focus: Contains a Phoenix (homebrew)
Origin: Shift #0
Aspect: Drifter


Age: 23
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0

Might: 13 (0)
Speed: 11 (1)
Intellect: 12 (0)

Armor: 0

Recovery Rolls: 1d6+
□ Action
□ Ten Minutes
□ One Hour
□ Ten Hours

Damage Track:
□ Impaired
□ Debilitated

Cypher Limit: 2


Practiced: light, medium and heavy weapons

Trained: all actions involving identifying or understanding the supernatural, artistic skills, speed defense tasks, basics of magics and understanding and identifying magical properties, charm, computer skills


Inability: any task involving charm, persuasion or deception, mental attack defense, initiative, hear or notice danger


  • If the Young Phoenix is reduced to 0 health, it dissipates. It reforms in its object in 2d6 + 2 days and you are debilitated for the same numbers of days. If you are debilitated in this manner all your pools must be reduced to zero to die. (origin)


  • No Need for Weapons (166)
  • Trained Without Armor (193) Enabler.
  • Bash (112) Premonition (171) → (2 int)
  • Swipe (188) Magic Training (159) Enabler
  • Sense Magic:
  • Hedge Magic
  • Bound Magic Creature (115) → A Young Phoenix bound to a metallic phoenix feather melded into Nox’s chest. (origin)
  • Shroud of Flame (183) → (1 int)

Player Intrusions

  • Perfect Setup
  • Old Friend
  • Weapon Break


  • A set of DEHI plane shifting attire that when unworn looks like a gray jump suit until activated — typically wear of their next shift or favorite outfits.
  • pair of Caestus, 2 damage, eased, light
  • Blaster: medium, 4, long range
  • a wrist computer
  • two moderately priced items
  • four inexpensive items
  • A metallic phoenix feather melded into his chest over his heart


  1. Condition remover L6
  2. Stim L6


Tier #1:
□ Increase Capabilities
□ Move Toward Perfection
□ Extra Effort
□ Skill Training

Background and Story

Dorian and Marco were approached by a Collector and regurgitated a three day old baby still alive and wrapped his tentacle around Marco’s neck and spoke through him. He placed the metallic phoenix feather on the baby’s chest. “They will die without each other.”

Since Nox’s arrival in Arcadis he has been visited by an Echo of a boy. Dorian and Marco invite the boy to join them even though they couldn’t talk to him. Nox could hear him but his parents don’t.

Nox and the Young Phoenix grew up together and shared one another’s powers in a symbiotic relationship. And for some reason unknown to most of the world Nox never drifted uncontrollably despite having no anchor.

On the night the story starts Nox is called to duty as are all DEHI agents to tend to the influx of manifesting echoes.

Character Arcs

  1. Solve a Mystery (What happened to bring all the manifestations into being at one time.)


Alex: bounded Anchor, imaginary friend → Something about them complements your abilities.


Alex: Platonic 2


Nyx: Platonic 5


Hair: Chestnut brown hair with tips dyed red (or other colors of his choosing)
Eyes: Deep Chocolate brown
Height: 6’0″
Build: well defined muscular build that requires a lot of work to maintain

He has one large tattoo starting mid thigh the tail feathers of a red/orange phoenix flow up his thigh, the wings wrap around at his hip bone, some of the ink would land in the pubic hair region but Nox is a meticulous groomer so perfectly kept and nothing marring the ink, the head of the bird points towards his belly button, and then it turns into a bunch of red/orange tribal tattoo solid shapes, that gradually darken and turn to black tribal tattoos up his chest and shoulder and as they turn around his shoulder they start to lighten until they are nothing but outlines. None of the ink can be seen if he’s wearing a buttoned up marine uniform shirt, with long sleeves, stops about 2-3 inches above his wrist. the edge of the phoenix peak out at the hem of basketball shorts, and a few wisps of black at the neck when he wears a t-shirt, and then most of the sleeve if he’s wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt/tank top

Nox’s default clothing appearance is Shift #0 jeans, a t-shirt, a gray hoodie and a pair of canvas chucks.


Easily Provoked0──+───────10Easy-Going 
Conventional0──────+───10Radical Thinker 
Emotional0───+──────10Rarely shows emotion 
Charismatic0──+───────10Aggravates People 
Late0────────+─10Early for Appointments 
Team-oriented0───────+──10Prefers to work alone 
Takes things at face-value0───────+──10Reads between the lines 
Tries to Please People0──+───────10Doesn’t Care What Others Think 

Original Character Sheet → Cypher System DCS v 1.5 / Designed by THE INFINITE CONSTRUCT

Cypher System disclaimer and Open Game License
Numenera, the Cypher System, No Thank You, Evil!, Invisible Sun, and their respective logos are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. All Monte Cook Games characters and character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC. Content derived from Monte Cook Games publications is © 2013-2022 Monte Cook Games, LLC.

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