Next Week

So AJ will have a good several days of posts for next week to start the story off. So hopefully Next Monday you’ll see the beginning of our adventures in Echoes. It didn’t start out how AJ intended it and that’s okay that’s kinda the point.

Anyway, some of you have seen the Newsletter form pop up again. We are attempting to think of something we can do in the newsletter that is unique to only it and hopefully pull in some readership there.

AJ’s thinking about putting a puzzle for you guys to solve (or maybe help us solve or see who can solve it faster). And maybe a monthly adventure story just there. We’ll see.

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I don’t have much world building I can share with you right now. But we have some random tables and a link we can share. Monte Cook Games has updated their SRD and added some new things to it and there are a lot of links running around that can give you a good run down of the game we are using as the backbone of our little adventure. You can check out one of AJ’s favorites at Old Gus’ Cypher System Reference Document.

Some random tables for generating our next location:



d8Shift Color
1Purple (high magic/high tech)
2Magenta (high magic/no tech)
3Red (high magic, low tech)
4Orange (no magic, low tech)
5Yellow (low magic, low tech)
6Green (no magic, no tech)
7Cyan (low magic, high tech)
8Blue (no magic, high tech)

d100 to choose Shift Number

Special Rolls

d8d100Destination Shift
100Arcadis Purple #0
800Shift #0 (Earth as we know it)


Roll 1d4 and 1d20. Even on d4 first table, odd second table for d20 result

Even Table

d20Nearby Location
1A small village
2A metropolis
3The Nexus
4An oasis
5A port
6Enchanted forest
7A wasteland
8Alien settlement
9Fire plane
10Underwater city
11Floating city
12Volcanic island
13Arctic tundra
14Abandoned castle
15Fairy kingdom
16Wild west town
17Underground caverns
19Island resort

Odd Table

d20Nearby Location
1Secret underground laboratory
2Island resort
3Medieval fortress
4Ghost Town
5Amusement park
6Mystic Garden
7Pirate Cove
8Haunted Mansion
9Dark Forest
10Ancient Ruins
11Magical School
13Mysterious Island
14Dragon’s Lair
15A Tower
16Prehistoric jungle
17Rustic countryside
18Meteorite impact zone
19Starship graveyard
20The ruins of a lost city

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