World Lore: Races

So Monday we’ll learn about characters and we’ll move on to World Lore on Wednesday starting with Races. There is a lot of world lore to explore so we’ll start with the basics first.

  1. Choose a race name.
  2. Classify your race.
  3. Give a general overview.
  4. Give them personality traits.
  5. Give them a physical description.
  6. Describe the clan or tribe.
  7. Explain the relationship between your race and other races.
  8. Give your race a History.
  9. Explain your race’s alignments.
  10. Create a map showing their setting.
  11. Explain their religion.
  12. Describe your race’s language.
  13. Describe the adventures your race has had.
  14. Explain your race’s physical attributes.
  15. Think about your creatures’ occupations.
  16. Explain how advanced they are.
  17. Describe the other civilizations your race interacts with.
  18. Describe your race’s magical or special powers.
  19. Think about the history of your race and come up with famous sapients from the past.
  20. Come up with population statistics for your race.

Some of the above questions won’t work for all races and I’m going to treat various parts of the races their own race since there is so much information to go around for it all.

The Races will start off with.

  1. Aeternus
    1. Venatori
  2. Dragons
  3. Primeval Vampires
  4. Humans
    1. Paths
    2. Wiccan
  5. Embraced Vampires
    1. Obsfucation
    2. Domination
    3. Auspex
    4. Incubus/Succubus
    5. Fearmonger
    6. Empath
    7. Elements
    8. Necromancy
    9. Dream Walking
    10. Animal Ken
  6. Therian
    1. Werewolves
    2. Werelions
    3. Werebears
  7. Cursed Vampires
  8. Angels/Demons
  9. Ghosts
  10. Ascendants

source questions

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