Series: World Lore

  1. Classify your race.
    Dragons are one of the first races of long lived supernaturals.
  2. Give a general overview.
    Dragons are shape shifters. They are born in human form but when they reach puberty they can take on the form of a dragon. The stronger a dragon is the larger their dragon form. All Dragons can bend the elements though power comes from size and varies from dragon to dragon.
  3. Give them personality traits.
    Dragons are typically seen as wise and intelligent creatures with hoarding issues.
  4. Give them a physical description.
    Dragons can shape shift into any human form they like, many do so over the years to hide their age. A dragon’s true shape is that of its dragon form, their size and color of scales can vary. All dragons bear the brand of their clan on their bodies which translates to a tattoo in human form.
  5. Describe the clan or tribe.
    Dragons are part of one of five clans. They usually join the same clan as their parents as they are branded at birth. On rare occasion a youngling is given the choice – usually when the youngling was orphaned young.
  6. Explain the relationship between your race and other races.
    Dragons keep to themselves. They do not typically mate with humans but the biology is compatible. This is a decree by the Golden Clan to keep the Venatori from mating with the netherdragons that result from the copulation of human and dragon.
  7. Give your race a History.
    Dragons were once hunted as sport – the medival times saw them as dangerous, and they were thought to be extinict. They were just hiding in plain sight. The Dragons are secretive and beyond this very little is know about the Dragons.
  8. Explain your race’s alignments.
    Dragons are typically lawful neutral.
  9. Create a map showing their setting.
    Dragons can be found anywhere in the world, however they prefer large cities like New York City as they can blend in easier.
  10. Explain their religion.
    Very little is know of Dragon religion.
  11. Describe your race’s language.
    Dragons have their own language to hear if you are not a dragon typically means your death.
  12. Explain your race’s physical attributes.
    Dragons are strong and have keen eye sight. They can shape shift into any manner of humanoid they desire as well as their one and only dragon form.
  13. Think about your creatures’ occupations.
    Dragons do whatever they can. If they can use their occupation to supply their hoarding addition then all the better.
  14. Explain how advanced they are.
    No more advanced than humans, however they have a better understanding of magic and the supernatural than most beings as it is their culture to disseminate that knowledge through the ages.
  15. Describe the other civilizations your race interacts with.
    Dragons keep to themselves mostly hardly interacting with anyone outside of their clan – except in the case of their jobs.
  16. Describe your race’s magical or special powers.
    Dragons can shape shift into any humanoid creature and their one true dragon self at will. They can bend the 4 elements and understand the umbra better than most.
  17. Come up with population statistics for your race.
    Dragons make up .5% of the population of earth that’s about 37 million dragons around the world.

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