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Classify your race.

The Venatori are a Secondary Race – meaning they were not around at the time of creation and the beginning of the Clandestine Providence.

Give a general overview.

The Venatori are a mortal race bred into existence by the Venatori of the Aeternus as a means to give an advantage they lacked. They Venatori are stoked in tradition of their parent race but have given way as new things come along but not quickly and not without fighting tradition harshly.

Give them personality traits.

All most all Venatori are steeped in tradition and have a hard time see outside of it much like the Aeternus. But their box is a little bigger and they can be persuaded to think outside of it if required.

Give them a physical description.

The Venatori look human but age slower. They take on the physical appearances of whatever regions they are born in. There is a slight variation in their physiology compared to a human in that they all have a unique protein in their blood that would identify them as not human. [more research needed on this for more information]. Physically all adult Venatori have a tattoo on their right temple of a pair of crossed swords. [This is a rune that addresses their ability to hide in plain sight allowing the humans to see what they expect to see.]

Describe the clan or tribe.

The Venatori maintain one main headquarters, since the European exodus to the New World the headquarters has been in New York City or it’s predecessor locations. This was where most of the immigrants coming came in at and where all supernaturals could also be recorded when they came over. They have headquarters in London and Sydney and smaller locations for their field hunters to find resources such as Ward, Colorado, New Orleans, Louisiana and Paris, France.

Explain the relationship between your race and other races.

The Venatori consider themselves above all the other races as they police the nationstate – or think they do anyway.

Give your race a History.

The Venatori are a secondary race created by an organization to better themselves and equip themselves with tools the Aeternus were unable to harness. They have remained in a static state since they overthrew the Aeternus their succession rights once were like those of other supernatural races in that the most powerful ruled, however as they became more civilized their ruling body became more about power as influence and not actual power of the Magnus.

Explain your race’s alignments.

The Venatori like to think they are Lawful Neutral, but they are hardly neutral. They lean more towards Lawful Evil.

Explain their religion.

The Venatori do not have a religion per say. Like the Aeternus they believe in the Umbra – all energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transfer states and sentience is only a form of energy embodied in flesh.

Describe your race’s language.

The Venatori speak English as it is the best language to blend into their surroundings, however as they are located around the world they speak whatever languages they need to to blend in.

Explain your race’s physical attributes.

The Aeternus look completely human. The only differences between humans and Venatori are the additional proteins in their blood.

Think about your creatures’ occupations.

There are only two occupations with in the Venatori – Hunters and Scrin. Hunters go out in the world and police the supernatural by hunting down rogue elements. The Scrin are the support people – teachers, librarians, scientists – anything and everything needed to support the Hunters.

Explain how advanced they are.

The Venatori are not very advanced technologically. They struggle with adapting new things, and therefore are stuck with early 90s era computer technology. They do supplement their tech with some magic, but a magic they cannot recreate only use what is available to them. They however have the most advanced genetic programs and medical technology in the world – the one thing they excel at.

Describe the other civilizations your race interacts with.

Most of the Supernatural races sneer at the Venatori, they fear them but they only obey because otherwise would mean to die. The Humans do not know they exist except for maybe in myths and fairy tales.

Describe your race’s magical or special powers.

The Venatori are all bred to be super strong, agile and have super healing abilities. Every Venatori also has some innate mental ability common to human paths – telepathy, empathy, precognition, etc. Some Venatori are also born with the magic of the dragons they are called Magnus they can bend one or more elements but only one at a time. However a very small percentage of Magnus can bend all the elements at the same time – they are called Cesari.

Come up with population statistics for your race.

About 1% of the earth’s population. In the year 2017 there are 7.53 billion beings on earth which would equate to 75.3 million Venatori. In NYC alone there are (8.623 million beings in NYC) 172K Venatori (2% of NYC population, 0.2% of the Venatori population) and the number has been increasing every year for the past 5 years.

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