Once Upon a Dream

Opps. I forgot to do this yesterday. AJ started a new blog. Yeah yeah, I know I’ve already said that. Well, October 1 the first post went live. Everywhere is from Zane’s pov and today’s will be from Angel’s pov. It’ll switch like that every scene. Anyway, Go read! Please? Thank you? I’m not begging you … really. :) Continue reading Once Upon a Dream

Ray’s Fairy Tail

AJ’s daughter is writing a fanfiction for a popular anime series Fairy Tail. AJ told her I would promote her new blog. So that’s what I’m going to do. You can follow along at Ray’s Fairy Tail. AJ’s daughter is ten, so please forgive the mess of the site, AJ hasn’t helped out there yet. And she’s already been informed she needs to write in … Continue reading Ray’s Fairy Tail