The Last Phoenix started

Yesterday the Prologue started for the Last Phoenix.

I’ll be posting along in three other places. if you have accounts I’d appreciate a little love on those platforms. If you didn’t mind hoping over and doing whatever it is they do for their likes etc. But if you don’t have an account don’t worry about it.

Patreon will have some new scenes that you won’t get here so for $3 you’ll get a second story along with this one.

Chapter Buzz is a new one AJ just posted the first scene too. It’ll lag a day behind more than likely. Since Aj can’t schedule it it might stop all together unless there are readers.

WattPadd will also have a slight on posts.

Again if you are on any of these platforms I’d appreciate the log so maybe those platforms will help build AJs readership. Which means more love for me! And we know ya’ll love me – who wouldn’t :)

As an added note: AJ decided to add it to Medium too.