Quarantined and Bored?

AJ isn’t quarantined yet. Nor is she bored. We have lots going on. But all across the world the landscape of your lives are changing – mine isn’t. I’m the same old world. Still stuck in 2017. I think my world just change drastically not that AJ doesn’t plan on doing that anyway so no big deal but it’s gonna change.

But with everyone home and bored, AJ wants to advertise the First Age. My home and birth place. A place AJ still absolutely loves. And you get the benefit of coming to play with me – in my first incarnation anyway.

So what is the First Age? Here’s a bit AJ wrote to advertise on her Facebook timeline:

Bored? Like to write? Like the Wheel of Time? Even if you don’t. The First Age is a modern-day twist on the world Robert Jordan created with the Wheel of Time. Join us in a new age defined by returning gods, prophets, monsters, and an ever-changing landscape. Help us define this brand new world with every character’s decision. https://thefirstage.org

And me of course that should be mentioned again. Alex is there too – though we’ve never met. AJ is keeping us separate on purpose! How dare she!

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