Showing Off

I could flaunt AJ’s Patreon page again.

But I think I’ll do something more.

May 14th The Last Phoenix rewrite starts! That’s 7 days away. That’s 7 days left of the First Hunt. 7 days until my loyal readers get thrown back into my life. For all you new ones, hey you get to experience for the first time.

AJ’s been psyched about the rewrite. Me I’m in heaven.

It’s actually kinda fun cause you get to see the story from multiple points of view… Well not you all here, me and AJ do. And anyone who subscribes at Patreon (see there I go flaunting it when I said I wouldn’t) But either way it’s pretty awesome knowing the motives behind some actions… It does give spoilers away if you read both sides.

So You are all getting the story as it should be. My story!!

Anyway, No writing for AJ today at lunch so I’m gonna git this thing out before she’s off for an early lunch – apparently AJ forgot to send her work up to the server before stopping work on Friday and all that stuff isn’t in her repo now to work on. So it’s home she goes early to get it.

Side count: 1999 words this morning!! (7 Day Writing Challenge at The Write Practice)