New York City Resident

Write about how you’re a typical resident of your city or town… or about how you’re different from most people there. I'm not a typical New York City Resident in and of the fact that I'm not human. I live in a world where the supernatural exists. I am one of such beings. I live [...]

Il Cane

Tell your story about the time you succeeded at something because you just. Didn’t. Give. Up. I've spoken about it before - the fact that I hunted Il Cane. It was part of my first Hunt. But it isn't really part of that particular serial AJ was working on. So, I'll tell you about the [...]

Worst Classmate?

Write about one of the worst classmates or coworkers you’ve ever had. Now this is not a hard one. My worst classmate was Aaron Woolbright. I met him the first day I came to the Academy. Dorian dropped me off with Mr. Lance in the boys dormitory and told me he'd be back first thing [...]

Admirable Classmates?

Write about one of the most admirable classmates or coworkers you’ve ever had. I'm not sure I had any admirable classmates. There wasn't anyone I looked up to in school. Dylan was my first crush, but he was the jock sort of person and not exceptionally smart. He was a great swimmer. There was Madison, [...]

Favorite Spot

Today's daily prompt is seriousness. I don't really have anything for it. I could go on about how I'm not serious or boring things it's just not inspiring. So I'm gonna go to the next prompt of the 100 prompts Describe your favorite spot in your home, and why you like it. My apartment is [...]

In Love

Write about how a person can tell if they’re really in love. If you don’t know, write about how you don’t know. I have never been in love. Well not before Sage anyway. And in present timeline I've still not fallen in love - I'm falling though. How did I know I was falling for [...]


I tried to find something other than a boring topic to discuss so I started looking through AJ's world building site at what was built and what wasn't. While AJ already talks about Ad Aetatem I'm going to expand upon it. The link basically talks about the rituals. I'll talk about mine specifically and what [...]

Only Child?

Write about the benefits of being an only child—or the advantages of having siblings. Both kinda apply to me. For 18 years I was an only child - I didn't know I had siblings. I didn't have parents that took care of me, but that still made me an only child or should it be orphaned child.