Describe your favorite toy or game when you were five years old. When I was five my favorite toy was Mushu the dragon from Mulan. I was in a dragon phase. My nanny was a dragon. I was going to be a dragon for Halloween. It never incidentally happened, and it was the last Halloween until I met Dev that I had actually participated in. … Continue reading Mushu


Write about how you fit the stereotype of people from your country… or about how you don’t fit it at all. I guess this falls along the same line as the whole New York City Resident thing. I’m American by birth. I don’t really follow the whole patriotic thing since as Venatori we saw ourselves outside of the human race. But when 9/11 happened, it … Continue reading American?


I liked this prompt. Describe the color red to a blind person Red is hot like fire, each shade having the nuances of berries, cherry, strawberry, raspberry. It can be rough like bricks on the house . Red feels like that first moment of embarrassment when all you want to do is hide or that first flash of danger when your feet slip under you … Continue reading Red

Il Cane

Tell your story about the time you succeeded at something because you just. Didn’t. Give. Up. I’ve spoken about it before – the fact that I hunted Il Cane. It was part of my first Hunt. But it isn’t really part of that particular serial AJ was working on. So, I’ll tell you about the time I hunted her until I found her. I was … Continue reading Il Cane