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The Mind of Nox

Describe one of your earliest childhood memories.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t know if I actually described it or wrote it out. I’m not the writer here so I’m relying on AJ’s skills here but it’s my memory – I promise.

My earliest childhood memory was when I was probably three or four. We lived in a small wooden cabin in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. It was around the holiday season there was snow everywhere on the ground – my mother couldn’t work because she couldn’t leave the house. The roads were so snow covered a state of emergency was issued – not that I knew what that meant then. But I knew my mother wouldn’t have been home otherwise.

Our house had the familiar scent of a crackling fire and freshly baked pies. Round one was completed and my mother was starting the…

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I liked this prompt.

Describe the color red to a blind person

Red is hot like fire, each shade having the nuances of berries, cherry, strawberry, raspberry. It can be rough like bricks on the house . Red feels like that first moment of embarrassment when all you want to do is hide or that first flash of danger when your feet slip under you and you are about to fall – that moment of panic you have trying to catch yourself.

Via AL Hindermann

It goes well with how I would describe the patterns I see to a person who couldn’t see. Each element has it’s own color, it’s own flavor, it’s own feeling. The fire element tastes a lot like cinnamon – not brown cinnamon though, the red hot candy flavor.

New York City Resident

Write about how you’re a typical resident of your city or town… or about how you’re different from most people there.

I’m not a typical New York City Resident in and of the fact that I’m not human. I live in a world where the supernatural exists. I am one of such beings. I live in a very restricted community and while we are part of the City as a whole, we live by different rules – go to different schools and just aren’t typical.

But I grew up in New York City. I love the fast pace. I don’t own a car – I don’t want to own a car. I love that there is a Starbucks on every corner, and a pizza joint to. I can get anywhere in the City by train or bus or walking and I know where not to go to get caught up in the tourists. In this sense I’m exactly like a typical resident of New York City.

I was right there with the rest of NYC when the Twin Towers fell. We were right there picking up the pieces – helping to restore our beautiful city. I wasn’t more than a teenager then but I remember it well. And thanks to it my fear of flying was that much more confirmed.

I’ve been to nearly every Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I’ve attended a few ball drops on New Years Eve. I’ve run amok in FAO Schwarts. I love Little Italy and Chinatown. New York City is part of me and I’ll protect my city from the supernatural crazies. That is my job and I will carry it out.

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Il Cane

Tell your story about the time you succeeded at something because you just. Didn’t. Give. Up.

I’ve spoken about it before – the fact that I hunted Il Cane. It was part of my first Hunt. But it isn’t really part of that particular serial AJ was working on. So, I’ll tell you about the time I hunted her until I found her.

I was 19. I was free to hunt on my own. I refused to fly home, so I used my time with the Venatori car to hunt down the impossible. Il Cane is a vampire – and not just any vampire. She was created to be immune to all other vampire powers – she is what the vampires fear. She is the last line of defense of the vampire law. If you come under Il Cane’s ire you will die. She is a ruthless killer. She is cold and disecting and there is nothing that can stop her. And I hunteded her.

It wasn’t about pride or about being the best. It was about doing what everyone else thought was impossible. She was just a vampire. A powerful and old vampire, but still just a vampire. She lived and died by the same rules as every other vampire and every other supernatural creature. It was possible and me in my infinite teenage wisdom was going to prove it.

Il Cane proved to be just as easy to hunt as any other vampire. She left the same traces. She just didn’t leave as many traces. The reason I found out years later was because Il Cane feeds off a group of six people who rotate through feedings to provide Il Cane with her sustenance. It is a rare way to live, even her son doesn’t feed off of the same people.

Most vampires feed off of willing participants, some only feed on donated blood. But that really isn’t relatvent to this story.

There were rumors about Il Cane’s whereabouts and where she lived. I knew for a fact that she had property in New York City, but I wasn’t ready to go home yet. So I followed the rumors. Il Cane had an estate in Florida. Florida was where I went.

In the end I found her son in a club called Frozen. He spoke to me at the bar. Told me that I wasn’t going to find her. It took me a few moments to understand what he’d meant. And when I had I smiled at him and told him I was close. To which he grinned. Being the gentlemanly courter I am, I offered myself to the vampire son of Il Cane. He hesitated at first, but he accepted.

One thing lead to another and I ended up in a small basement room of Il Cane’s estate in the bed of her son. I never met Il Cane. I met her Chevalier, that morning for breakfast. It was a good hunt.

I hunt Il Cane every year in June just to prove I can find her. Ant and I have a few drinks and I go back to doing what I do. He is one of my only friends and I’ve still not really meet his mother. One day I will, I will actually find her but for now I’m satisfied I’m the only hunter who has gotten as far as that.

100 prompts

Worst Classmate?

Write about one of the worst classmates or coworkers you’ve ever had.

Now this is not a hard one. My worst classmate was Aaron Woolbright. I met him the first day I came to the Academy. Dorian dropped me off with Mr. Lance in the boys dormitory and told me he’d be back first thing in the morning. I was in very capable hands of Mr. Lance.

Mr. Lance introduced me to Aaron – also a new boy – also a firestarter – and my roommate.

That was where the problems started. I was five. My mother had just abandoned me. I had flown in an airplane and I was still a terrified little boy. I clung to my stuffed dragon Mushu (yes from Mulan! I had a thing for dragons.)

Aaron took Mushu from me in his first attempt at trying to push me over. I was upset and angry and I lit our room on fire. The bedding went up in flames, alarms blared throughout the compound and my fear and anxiety ratcheted up past 100%. In the fight for Mushu, he landed in fire and that was when Dorian pulled me out of the burning room to save my life. He was the only one I wouldn’t struggle against when he wrapped his strong arms around me. He was safe. He smelled like cookies – vanilla and cinnamon. He was safe, but Mushu was gone.

Aaron and I remained roommates until we graduated the Academy together. He continued to torment me through the next 13 years. And he tries to torment me now, but he seems to forget I don’t have to play nice anymore and I floor him every time. I cheat in his eyes, but he’s faster and stronger and I’m only human, I don’t consider using my ability as cheating anymore than he does his Venatori speed or strength.

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Admirable Classmates?

Write about one of the most admirable classmates or coworkers you’ve ever had.

I’m not sure I had any admirable classmates. There wasn’t anyone I looked up to in school. Dylan was my first crush, but he was the jock sort of person and not exceptionally smart. He was a great swimmer.

There was Madison, but she was just my first. And only because I was in the right place at the right time. It wasn’t even really about attraction.

I suppose the closest to admirable would be Jace – my best friend. And not because he’s my best friend though that is a pretty awesome feat in and of itself. See Jason Hill comes from a southern farm family. The Hills are rich and have a large farm that feeds a good share of the Venatori population in NYC and around the world. Jace is the only Magnus in his family and relatively speaking he’s a weak Magnus. By nature of his ability he’s a EN3 in Air and Earth. But Jace can’t actually create an element unless he’s actually touching the element. Which is technically a 1. But because once he touches it he can create it from thin air he’s a 3. It’s rare that something like that happens. It’s usually a pretty linear feat from 1 to 5.

So why is that admirable? To me he overcame his limitations. Jace found the means to overcome his problem to get better and stronger. Air is a simple feat, we survive in a plethora of air, it’s always touching your skin. But earth, it’s there, but see his block is probably more mental than not though no one could break it, so Jace carries around a small bag of sand in his pocket at all times. Earth at the ready.

Jace and I have done some pretty wild things with air and earth – like jump off the top of one of the highest buildings in New York City just because we knew we could do it. I do it regularly as a means to conquer my fears and be in control of something that is out of control normally.

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