All About Me!

Hey Ducklings!

My name is Nox. I won’t give you a surname as that’s a revolving door depending on what world and where you are in my story. But I am always Nox. I am the muse and main character of my writer AJ Hunter. And I am nothing more than a figment of AJ’s imagination escaping into reality to share my thoughts, my voice and my plethora of stories with you.

I started out as a concept character for The First Age. AJ had a character who was obsessed with another character at the site. The concept was they had twins who come back from the future to stop their parents evilness. The twins embodied both good and evil, light and dark, and their personalities and names reflected that. AJ was pretty certain that the concept as is wouldn’t fly but the opposites stuck. And thus Nox Durante and his twin sister Aurora were born.

AJ never expected to like this version of me so much. Male characters never felt right. The assumption was Aurora would be main and I’d become sidekick. Little did AJ know that I had my own schemes brewing. AJ wrote me first having an opening that worked well for me versus Aurora. And thus dawned the beginning of our partnership.

It was somewhere in the middle of a fan fiction story AJ started writing that I became her favorite character. (It was either The Elements or Fighting Demons, we don’t remember which one.) And AJ started making my world. And I took over all aspects of her creative mind. Mwuah-ha-ha!

I’ve taken on many guises most noteably as Nox Sétanta. But I’ve had lots of stories and lots of surnames, and AJs even renamed me and posted me on some of her other sites. (The Stars, Moon, and You)

Now AJ is taking me in another direction. With another surname, and another story one to share with you. And maybe along the way we might try to make some money at it. But the objective is to share my stories with you for as long as you want to listen.

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