Dumia 20th, 1217

Initiative: 1 + 1 = 2
Shadowfell Despair: 17 + 0 = 17

ae’Nyx Riva

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The weather is still cold, but it’s slowly getting warmer with Spring well on its way. The day light hours are as long as those of the night, but the nights are getting shorter. In the Wellsorrow Region, the Shadowfell despair is fading in its cycle. The people of Ashbourne and surrounding areas are feeling happier and it’s easier to shake the despair, and harder to fall under its influence. There is a half moon in the night sky tonight.

Shadowfell Despair Check: DC 9/15

Sleep didn’t immediately take me. It never did. I had learned long ago to fake sleep so my mother wouldn’t hurt me, or make things worse. I felt the eyes on me. All those eyes watching me, and only one set seemed at all to care. And only one I cared about.

But it was the dreams where Kor spoke to me. He tormented my dreams when he couldn’t walk free. He raved about killing the blue-eyed man. He wanted to suck the soul from those eyes and make the power his. Kor was an evil man. 

The supply of Tranquil was running low and he had to make more. There was no telling what happened to the remainder of the vial he’d given Zand, the red head seemed interested in the vial more so than himself. It wouldn’t be the first time an alchemist tried to pry the recipe from him. But it was nothing he could give them, nothing he could do. Part magic, part concoction, all came from the Shadowfell itself to remove it’s taint as if you were part of the fell. 

Kor’s torment continued… until the dawn light shone through the window.

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