Dreaming of My Queen

Dumia 20th, 1217

Initiative: 8 + 1 = 9
Shadowfell Despair: 18 + 2 = 20

Alushtas Maskan

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The weather is still cold, but it’s slowly getting warmer with Spring well on its way. The day light hours are as long as those of the night, but the nights are getting shorter. In the Wellsorrow Region, the Shadowfell despair is fading in its cycle. The people of Ashbourne and surrounding areas are feeling happier and it’s easier to shake the despair, and harder to fall under its influence. There is a half moon in the night sky tonight.

Shadowfell Despair Check: DC 9/15

Sleep came and so did the dreams. And for once Alushtas was more than grateful to relay the message.

The dreams were of home. The muted grays of his homeworld were dull in comparison to this bright and shiny one and he had no intention of returning to the dullness once his mission completed. At least he hoped his mistress would let him remain.

In the dim light of the shadowy realm his queen came to him with her creepy whispers in his head. “Alushtas Maskan what news have you brought me?”

Alushtas bowed before the Raven Queen though she was little more than a voice in his head while he dreamt of home and the darkness it held inside. “I have found him.”

Images of the Raven Queen rubbing her hands togethered peirced his mind, she was eager to have the boy. 

But Alushtas continued, “But there is another with him.”

Fury raged in his mind shattering any control he might have had. 

“Bring them to me!”

Alushtas cowered before his mistress and made himself as low as possible to avoid her wrath, the wrath tha was in his head, but still old habits were hard to break. “It is not that easy. He is with others — others who have an interest in him. They will notice if he disappears. But I have a plan. And I will bring him to you. But it may not be quick. You have to trust me, my queen.”

The Raven Queen growled and was gone from his mind. Alushtas came back to the light of the Material Plane and rolled over in his bedroll to check that the boy still slumbered. He tossed and turned in his own bedroll under the watchful gaze of Zand. It would have been difficult to steal the boy away from this place, and nearly impossible with his new watchful guardian.

Time was a finicky thing, it was a good thing the Shadar-kai lived longer than these mere humans and half-elves.

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