Dumia 20th, 1217

Initiative: 11 + 1 = 12
Shadowfell Despair: 17 + 0 = 17

ae’Nyx Riva

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The weather is still cold, but it’s slowly getting warmer with Spring well on its way. The day light hours are as long as those of the night, but the nights are getting shorter. In the Wellsorrow Region, the Shadowfell despair is fading in its cycle. The people of Ashbourne and surrounding areas are feeling happier and it’s easier to shake the despair, and harder to fall under its influence. There is a half moon in the night sky tonight.

Shadowfell Despair Check: DC 9/15

The food was hot and passable. Zand seemed a little less concerned after I told him why I was cold, but not much. He made sure I ate and growled a little under his breathe when Oog ate one of the loaves of bread. I couldn’t eat it anyway. I would probably make myself sick with this much food all at once. This was like a whole’s days worth of food.

Oog glared at the man at the table across from us and as he introduced himself I giggled. His name meant Rain Fire in Elvish and he seemed perfectly content to sound like a badass when people thought it meant the other reign, as Rosana commented on as I thought on things.

“No as in the weather. Rain.” I grinned again. “Rain, I speak several different languages, when you are locked up in a room by yourself you have lots of time to pick things up. I learned Sylvan from my resident boggle. But my mother killed him years ago. I speak Common, and Elvish of course and also Draconic and Infernal.”

“Why?” Rain asked.

“You take lessons from those who will teach you. Turns out demons and kobold are common just outside the Leech”

Zand asked me a question and he looked highly annoyed Rain had hijacked the conversation. I turned to meet his ice blue eyes and smile and put my cold hand on top of his. He engulfed mine with both his hands trying to keep it warm. A natural reaction for him he didn’t even notice.

“Boggles make an oil in self defense, and I need it to make something that helps me.”

The red head sitting next to me nodded her head as if she knew what I was talking about. “How exactly does this oil help you?”

I shrugged. “Just does.” I said. I didn’t want to say how I had come upon the ingredients. I didn’t want them to know about the sinister creature living inside me. Kor-gyral was not to be trifled with. 

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