The Band

My thoughts were on all the things I wanted to do to Dev and with Dev later that night and I heard him laughing behind me as we walked out of the hall way. I turned around and grinned at him and gave him a flourishing bow which made him laugh and roll his eyes.

Dev made his way to where the rest of his band was. Deviated Skeptics was made up of four guys, Dev who played guitar, he sang a little bit but not much. Jimmy Brown was their singer. He had a nice voice and he had better than nice face but I still preferred my rockstar over him. David Dillon was drums and was covered in tattoos, but he was a softy. Dev had to protected him from Dee more often than not. She was good at manipulating people, and Dave was easily manipulated. The last was Eddy Perry. He played bass and he was as much of player as I had been. He was with a new girl after ever gig. He had a new girl with him tonight.

They were doing practice sets now before everyone came in. Mostly their own music. Things Dev and Eddy had written. Dave and Jimmy didn’t write much, but they did help lay down the music to make it all work together on their parts. It had been an interesting process to watch one afternoon. But not something I’d do often. Though I did love watching Dev play.

Especially in times like now where he knew I was watching but he had a many more eyes on him that he could ignore the fact I was getting turned on by it. Though he was always connected to my thoughts, and now more so than ever. Whatever magic switch had flipped had pretty much given Dev a direct line in to my brain. I felt Sage and Dee but not in the same way. It was like his ability to read my thoughts carried down that same connection. We’d been close before, but now we were closer and now we still had just as many arguments as before. You’d think there would be less, but Dev and I were good at three things – flirting, fighting and fucking. There were other things, but those three were pretty big on the list.

Dev was too busy to notice when I leaned against the kitchen island and watched him across the way the band had set up. My living space was huge now. I’d gone from a studio apartment to Sage’s house and thought that was a huge upgrade – this was a million times bigger. We had a whole floor for our house. Granted we had quite a bit of public space and my new office where I was an actual private investigator – had my license and everything. It was a front for helping supernatural creatures. But hey if a human came in looking for help I wasn’t going to turn them away – I’d make some cash.

Dev played. They didn’t jump around like some of the bands I’d watched on You Tube. But then they weren’t playing the same kind of music right now either. They were pretending to be a cover band and playing songs that other people wrote. It was part of their gig on a normal basis.

I enjoyed the show. I always enjoyed watching them play. Granted I didn’t do much other than watch my rockstar. His ink black hair and those icey blue eyes and I was in heaven. I smelled roses and jasmine long before I felt Sage’s arm wrap around my waist and he pressed his hip into mine. I leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek and he curled up against me. He looked down on me with a grin, “You okay?”

I nodded. “I don’t know for how long but as long as no one else touches my back I’ll be good.”

Sage took that moment to run is fingers under my t-shirt. He hummed at the smooth skin and I closed my eyes at the touch. It was hard on me, letting my lovers touch me when I didn’t let anyone else. I loved their fingers on my skin, but the fear that welled up was difficult to push down. Sage kissed my neck and I groaned. His fingers pressing into my back. “I love that you let us do this, Nox.”

I could only nod as his hand left my shirt and cupped my ass. “I missed you.”

I rolled my eyes. Sage was still playing I missed you, I’m sorry all the time. I loved him. I couldn’t see life without him. Without any of them, and I was just glad Sage understood better. He still got angry when I went out with Ant hunting down vampires. But it was something we had to do. He understood that now. But it didn’t make it any easier when I’d come home with my clothes covered in blood – usually not mine, but still blood.

I kissed my mysterious boy and he hummed his enjoyment against my lips. “You missed me too.”

I laughed and pulled away to look into those sapphire blue eyes, “I always miss you Sage.”

He grinned happily. “I’m going to go find Drake and Morana. Has she eaten yet?”

I shook my head, “Vin was going to take her down to Central and get a few pints.”

Morana was still learning to be a normal functioning little girl much less a normal functioning vampire. She was not allowed to feed off of any person – except me. And while I managed breakfast Ant and Cari both urged that I only feed her once – and not a lot. I was her last snack before she went to bed for the day. One of the vampires would take her down to the Central Blood Bank, which was a donation facility for humans to donate blood for cash. Cari gave the universal donor blood and all AB blood types to the local hospitals at no charge. The others she sold to vampires or humans at facilities in need of those blood types.

Dee enjoyed Morana even though she was a scary little vampire. Being a child and a vampire she was slightly insane. Which fit well into the family in reality – we all had our own little issues. But Morana followed my rules. She had no choice. If I said something she had to obey. I tried to not be the sounding voice when it came to disciplining her as a child. Dee and Sage were good for that. But when it came to vampire I was where the buck stopped. She listened without question. It was partially the bond between us. But it was more than that. She knew in her heart of hearts if she fucked up royally I’d kill her. And I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the thought of ending her. I hadn’t told her as much. But she knew. Others had told her. She was afraid of me to a degree i didn’t like of a child I was claiming as family, but I was her master as well. I couldn’t have it both ways.

The band played. My apartment filled up with people. It was family and friends and yet I still felt alone in all of it. Even more so than I had before.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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