New Apartment

When you have an entire construction crew working around the clock it’s not hard to finish a project like this in such a small amount of time. Cari has on staff three construction crews that work one job until completion that works round the clock for all the Night Life Building. The only thing that takes a while is for things to dry, but when you have magic available to you, it goes even faster.

Every morning a human crew came in and did their jobs. Second shift was much the same but Third shift were all vampires. And magic was their forte. They could dry paint, plaster, cement in hours and the crew in the morning would come in and wonder what was going on but they’d get to work. Matt had overheard the crew calling it the construction gnomes. Others were saying it’s the work of leprechauns. Drake wanted to tell them that it was vampires but he was 3 and no one would listen to him.

I stood there and watched my little dragon go up to a big burly man and tell him he was wrong, that it was vampires who did the work. Everyone got a good laugh out off it and Drake got his own tool belt out of it. He looked at me a little perturbed that it had happened, but he seemed to think they believed him. At least that was what they told him.

So by the time Christmas had rolled around the new facility was almost completely but two days before the New Year we had a brand new apartment. Sage, Dev and Dee had yet to move it, but the boys and I were living in the lap of luxury. It was a beautiful place. Our living area was just one large room separated by a long wrap around island in the middle so the kitchen overlooked everything else. It was a very large open space with pillars in the middle. Dee had gone wild decorating. It truly was a gorgeous space.

Dev and Dee were moving in tomorrow. Sage was still dragging his feet. He didn’t want to leave his house. He’d bought it. This wasn’t his house. It was mine. When it wasn’t. It was a gift from the vampires so we could live comfortably with in my means and we could all live together.

It was bothering Sage that he’d not be paying for anything. That all money he made was his to spend on things he wanted. Dev and Dee didn’t have such problems. I felt turn about was fair play but I never told him as much, only let him drag his feet. I told him that his room would be waiting for him. That the lab wasn’t going anywhere. And he could move in however slowly he wanted – or not at all.

Dee on the other hand was pressuring Sage. Telling him how great it would be to live together and still have our own space. She used the idea of having sex whenever we wanted to entice him. But it was Dev who had truly convinced Sage to move his things in – when he sold his house and that was a highly secured internet connection. Jack Wynn had set it up.

Sage trusted Jack. Jack was like him, and also a hacker. So when Jack set up the internet connection to be fully secured. He meant that Sage could do just about anything and no one could get into his system. My Wicked Truth was far more wicked than anyone really gave him credit for. His secrets were becoming numerous and I was starting to not like it. He and Adam were up to something.

He hadn’t sold his house yet, but there were several offers.

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