A Player

#ThrowbackThursday – The first time I met Sage.

The Mind of Nox

Since I came into my own I’ve never had a true relationship. I have friends. I don’t have many, and I don’t have family to speak of – at least not of blood. True now I do have blood relatives. I have Jace and Dorian. They are my family and my friends. But until recently there has been no one in my life that I cared for.

Sex was meaningless until Sage. Sex was a means to get close to someone, to feel loved and then to push them away so that they never got close. I was a player in the worst sense of the world. I would find a girl or guy and taken them back to their place, or worse yet hook up in the bathroom or the dance floor. I never asked their names, I deleted their phone numbers the next morning if they put them…

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