A Player

Since I came into my own I’ve never had a true relationship. I have friends. I don’t have many, and I don’t have family to speak of – at least not of blood. True now I do have blood relatives. I have Jace and Dorian. They are my family and my friends. But until recently there has been no one in my life that I cared for.

Sex was meaningless until Sage. Sex was a means to get close to someone, to feel loved and then to push them away so that they never got close. I was a player in the worst sense of the world. I would find a girl or guy and taken them back to their place, or worse yet hook up in the bathroom or the dance floor. I never asked their names, I deleted their phone numbers the next morning if they put them in my phone. I left before morning – never staying the night. All before I met Sage.

I met Sage on a different night than the Last Phoneix opening chapter. I’ll post that below from my PoV. I’ll post Sage’s PoV, and one from the god like narrator. But mine first.

It was Friday Night. Jace was married with a kid so he was out of the game. He didn’t even live in the City proper anymore anyway. Ant was off hunting whatever vampire his mother sent him out on and wasn’t here either. My friends were limited, not that I couldn’t have found my way to Gregory’s for a party. But I’d out grown their brand of fun. So instead I found myself at my favorite club to dance the night away before I was assigned some other mission which would take up all my time. Which was another reason I didn’t have many friends – I worked too much.

The music was loud and the beating pulse became mine. There was nothing more than me and the people on the dance floor that mattered. The patterns of people ebbed and flowed. The couples entwined themselves together. The solo dancers dancing with anyone who wanted to gyrate next to them. I was one of them, but I was looking for someone to have fun with.

A girl at the bar was twirling her blonde hair. She was leaning heavily on the bar as she ordered. She wore a short frilly skirt and a tight almost see through shirt. In the light of the bar you could see the color of her bra underneath.

I walked over to her and leaned against the bar wrapping my arm around her with a smile and she turned to look over her shoulder at me. I spoke softly in her ear. “Hey, Duckling. You look all lonely here by yourself.”

She smiled at me with great big blue eyes. “My sister is dancing with her boyfriend.”

Her drink arrived and she was about to take a sip when I plucked it from her hand with my crimson painted fingers and took a swallow. “You don’t want this.” I smiled at her and ordered a sex on the beach. “You should be drinking something far sexier than a rum and coke.” My breath was quick against her neck as I whispered, “Who’s your friend?”

She nodded towards the man I felt watching her more than he should. She smiled. “My sister’s best friend.” He met my gaze with a perfect smile that lit up dark blue eyes. I couldn’t see the exact color, I wanted to. But I had other plans that night.

“Let’s give him a little show, Duckling.” I purred in her ear and took her hand taking her to the edge of the dance floor. The music thrummed through my body as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine like we were making love on the dance floor.

I felt his eyes on me, but I ignored the feeling of being watched so intimately. She whispered into my ear. “Do you like him watching us? We can move farther in?” To add emphasis to her question she ground against my leg which extracted a soft growl from my throat.

“It’s all good, Duckling.” I wanted him to watch.

We danced like that for several songs. The more she moved against me the hotter I got, and the more I was ready to leave this place and take her to her home. But her sister came and dragged her off to the bathroom in classic girl fashion. Her friend was still watching me and I smiled at him. I got a good look at the color of his eyes. He wasn’t shy that was for sure, but I wasn’t sure if he was checking me out, or his best friend’s sister. I asked him, “Enjoying the show?”

“I am.” He laughed softly like he thought I was funny, or maybe it was to cover up the fact that he’d been staring at me. I liked the latter part.

“She your girlfriend?” I asked flat out.

He shook his head. “My best-friend’s sister. Just looking out for her.” He confirmed what she’d said so at least they were keeping their stories straight.

I leaned down on the bar and ordered two beers. I had no idea how long the girls would be, and I was thirsty. I turned to look at him with a grin. “So you checking her out?”

He returned my grin with one of his own and there was no hesitation in his answer. “No.” The way he said it made my skin tingle. I definitely liked him looking at me.

I didn’t get a chance to do much more than smile back at him as the girls had returned and his best friend’s sister wrapped her arms around me and whispered into my ear while placing something in my hand behind me. “I’m not wearing any panties.”

My mind switched gears, and the cute boy with sapphire blue eyes who had been checking me out became a distant thought. I handed him the beer I’d taken a sip from and leaned in and whispered in his ear. I felt him shiver when my breath touched his skin. “You can finish this. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

The girl tugged at my hand and I obliged her as she waded into the throng of people and into the darkness. There was no show this time, not as she wrapped one arm around me and the other snaked between us to undo my fly. She was aggressive. I liked that.

I hadn’t had sex on a dance floor in a while. Usually the bathroom or preferred to take them back to their homes. But she was getting off on the public display and I was more than willing to participate.

A few songs later I was straightening myself out and catching my breath while she waded through the crowd to find her friends. I almost followed her, to see her friend again, but I didn’t want to look desperate. Maybe I’d see him here again. He looked like he could be fun.