The Ten Bloodlines

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Being that we will be hitting Vampire blood in the first Vestige this is a good reminder of the vampire world. Not I think some of this will change as I go through the first Vestige, such as a little bit about Dimitri.

The Mind of Nox

Over the weekend I spoke about what came from the Primeval Vampires I glossed over the ten blood lines and said I’d expand more on what I know. The Venatori don’t really care to know beyond how to kill a vampire, but I’m not most Venatori and I have a close personal friend that has enlightened me to his world. So this is the perfect oppurtunity to go over the ten bloodlines of The Embraced Vampires.

All vampires, whether they are primeval, embraced or cursed vampires, they all have super speed, strength and agility. All vampires have some degree of mezmer skills so that they can convince their victims all is well with the world before and after a bit. And all vampires need blood to flourish.

The remainder of the differences in powers is based on the type. Cursed vampires have no other abilities – these are likely the…

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