The Ten Bloodlines

Over the weekend I spoke about what came from the Primeval Vampires I glossed over the ten blood lines and said I’d expand more on what I know. The Venatori don’t really care to know beyond how to kill a vampire, but I’m not most Venatori and I have a close personal friend that has enlightened me to his world. So this is the perfect oppurtunity to go over the ten bloodlines of The Embraced Vampires.

All vampires, whether they are primeval, embraced or cursed vampires, they all have super speed, strength and agility. All vampires have some degree of mezmer skills so that they can convince their victims all is well with the world before and after a bit. And all vampires need blood to flourish.

The remainder of the differences in powers is based on the type. Cursed vampires have no other abilities – these are likely the ones you know and seen in movies. Cursed vampires usually carry a death sentence on their head by the Vampire Council mostly because it takes only a bite from a vampire and a little sharing of blood to become a cursed vampire – and of course the humans death. But that has nothing to do with the prompt and I’ll tell you that tale another day.

Both Embraced and Cursed vampires are ‘cursed’ to walk only in darkness. The sun is deadly to a cursed vampire – like instant flame on. For an embraced vampire the sun is lethal but only in really large amounts and duration.

The ten different bloodlines provide very different and distinct powers.


Each bloodline has a master in which all of their line can be traced back to. The closer in line to the master, the more powerful you are. Salvatore Einore is the head of this bloodline – he is the lead on the Vampire Council and he resides in Dangdburg which is a small (fictional) town in Central Florida. He is also Prince of Dangdburg. (Princes rule the vampire region – if you enter their territory and you are a vampire you must declare yourself or risk death.)

A vampire of the Fearmonger line can feed off of fear. While it’s not a replacement for blood it is powerful in its own right and can sustain a vampire for a few years without blood if they get an ample supply of fear. This bloodline can also induce fear – the level at which they can feed and induce fear is how powerful they are. The most powerful fearmonger can feed off of a room full of humans without seeing or touching a single one of them from a great distance. According to Ant, it takes a great deal of power to pull that off. Cari is the only existing vampire who can do this, not even Sal can.


Sal is married to Aurora DeJesus. She is the master of obsfucation or in laymans terms Shadows. And again Cari is the best at obsfucation and is the reason she is the Keeper of Secrets for the Vampire council. A shadow vampire can literally walk through the shadows to some place else. Shadow walking is quick and painless after you get used to it. It’s not something every shadow vampire can do.

With obsfucation a vampire can hide in plain sight or hide objects from view. The proximity and size/number of objects a vampire can hide declares how powerful they are. The keeper of secrets is entrusted with the things that no vampire should ever touch – no human – no living or undead thing to ever see again is hidden within caches that only the keeper of secrets knows about.

Aurora is resides somewhere in Europe. I don’t have the foggiest clue as Europe is too far away for me to worry about.


I’m sure you can guess what this power is all about – lust and love – sex and seduction. The master incubi is Damian Vallejo. He also is in Europe. As a matter of fact only three reside in the good ol’ US of A. I’ll make note of them when they come up, everyone else is in Europe.

An incubus or succubus is very much like a fearmonger in every aspect except for it’s base emotion is lust/love.


Let’s move into Empathy while we are on the topic of emotions. An empathatic vampire can do the same thing as a fear monger or incubus except with any emotion – any one at all. Desmond Vallejo, no relation to Damian by the way, is the master of this blood line. He resides right here in New York City. He however is not Prince of the area. No New York City belongs to Il Cane, and her son rules it in her steed. But Desmond is a member of the council and that still puts him right up there on the food chain.


Nathaniel Von Bargen is master of the elemental bloodline. He is very much like a Cesari and can bend the elements to his will. While the mechanism behind what I do and what he does are drastically different, the results are typically the same. The stronger you are in the elements the stronger you are in the overall magical ability.

Most Elemental vampires can only bend earth. Water is usually the next easiest, and air following that. Fire is the hardest to manage. It is rare for a vampire to not follow the progression. Typically a vampire who can bend fire to his will his top of the game. There is only one exception to this rule and that is Cari herself. She can only touch fire, the others she can block against, but the only element she can bend is fire. Ant on the other hand is an excellent elementalist second only to Nate himself.


A dreamwalker does just that can walk in your dreams. They can induce a dream good or bad, and the proximity and depth of dream induced is a determination of power. The farther are more detailed you get the stronger the magic.

Virgil Salizar is master of this. He is a dangerous man if you piss him off. Dreams are not something you mess with unless there is good reason. Dreamwalkers within the Venatori are watched carefully. The vampire council does little with them but they are a rare breed as Virgil doesn’t like to share.


Valentine Santana is master of auspex. Vampires in this bloodline are attuned to their senses. They have increased hearing, eye sight and smell. The more powerful a vampire is the more they are attuned with others, they can read your thoughts, some can even make you do things you didn’t want to do. I am very thankful Valentine is not here in the States. She and Alec are #1 on my stay away from list.


So who’s Alec? Alec Moretti is the master of the domination bloodline. Unlike Auspex where it’s implanted thoughts that make you do things, Alec can make you do something by sheer force of will. If he wants you to do something he just makes you do it. As with all the other bloodlines the more you can do at a time and the farther away you are from that subject the more powerful you become. Alec has been known to reach across the water and make humans in the US do his bidding for the sheer fun of it.


Necormancy is rarely a danger to humans. As it is only useful against the dead. However a necromancer can bring the dead back to life and send them after humans, but there hasn’t been a case of zombies in thousands of years. Today’s necromancers aren’t keen on catering to the masses. Wouldn’t everyone love a zombie apocalypse right about now? Evangeline Solomon is the master of the blood line.

Animal Ken

And the last of the bloodlines is Animal Ken – the ability to hear and speak to animals. Some of the strongest animal ken vampires can turn into bats, wolves, rats and every other creature they can conceivable talk to. Dimitri Moriarty the master of this bloodline can turn into a bear. Unlike most other vampires Dimitri doesn’t ever drink the blood of humans – animals provide for him in his well hidden estate in the Rocky Mountains just north of where I grew up in Colorado. Dimitri also is the only member of the Vampire council to have a Chevalier like Cari – Edward is also a therian or in terms you’ll understand, he’s a werewolf. Edward and Dimitri have been together for centuries – almost as long as Cari and Ryan.