These lyricshave an extra verse repeated that wasn’t in the video so there is one thing.

AJ’s plotting out the next story. I’m a little scared. Like the video says, anything could happen. And fuck if it doesn’t happen in this book I’d be surprised.

The basic plot is laid down in here’s things that should happen. AJ’s still filing in bits and pieces and working up a list of short stories to help with the holes. If you want to see anything specific I’m all ears. I’m sure AJ would love to have suggestions.

The video though. That car crash. Wow. I’ve lost people in my life. Granted most of them I don’t care about. I don’t look forward to the day that one of my few loved ones dies. It’s a scary thought.

As a side note: The Last Phoenix ended today!! You want to see more of that last scene read Pillow Talk

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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