Pillow Talk (NSFW)

The past few days had been a whirlwind. Meeting Nox at Aspect had changed Sage’s life. In that short span of time, they’d seen each other once or twice a day, shared a lot of meals, had epic talks – more talks than Sage had in nearly any other relationship he was in before. Sage had a government contract that would last for too many years because he’d gotten caught, but he could have a job with the Venatori.

The Venatori were like a fairy-tale come to life. He knew they were real, but even with Danny working with them he’d never met one. But apparently he had, while in the Apex Unlimited Building he lost count of how many people he saw with the cross sword tattoo at their right temple. All identical. No variance, exactly the same. It was uncanny. It was kinda creepy.

Sage had promised to look after Drake. But Dorian and Kai had pretty much guaranteed that the little dragon would be safe. Dragons – what the fuck!

But now things were all over, Nox was in a room with an orange door. Sage had followed the other man but the door closed and locked behind him with an “IN USE” sign glowing red and “Warning” flashing underneath it. But Sage wasn’t the only who had seen Nox, Dorian was there and tapped Sage on the arm and beckoned him to follow him. They opened up a door and went upstairs. There were a few chairs and a large window looking down into the room Nox was. There was a panel in front of the window but Dorian didn’t go anywhere near it.

We watched. When the fire around Nox started I almost tried to break the window, but Dorian just whispered, “Just watch.”

Sage moved closer and looked down at the man who had pretty much captured his heart with his pain and charisma. The fire didn’t touch him, but it swirled around the room, then it started to thunder and rain and the wind whipped inside. It was a chaotic mess, but at the center of the storm Nox stood untouched.

Dorian had moved to Sage’s side. “He’s stressed out. A metaphorical bomb was just dropped on him. He needs time to think.”

Sage didn’t look at the other man. “Can I help?”

Dorian chuckled. “I was hoping you’d ask. And it’s asking a lot. But you handle our friend well. Let him stay with you till after the Holidays. If he’s here everything will push his buttons, and he’ll be in a room like this trying to stay sane.”

“He can stay with me. If he wants to, but if he doesn’t I can’t make him stay.” Sage said.

Dorian laughed. “I think you under estimate the power you have over him.” Dorian tapped my shoulder again and we went down stairs where we talked with Nox.

Nox was more than eager to be away. What Sage found the strangest was that Nox picked up a bag from inside his closet and gathered Drake’s things into another bag and he was ready to go. He asked, “You always have a bug out bag?”

Nox smiled that grin that was all charm, bright and wide and his eyes sparkled mischievously, “You make it sound like I’m one of those preppers.” He wrapped his arm around Sage’s waist and smiled, “I never fully unpack. You never know when you have to leave on a hunt. Shall we?”

Sage took Drake’s bag and they headed down to the nursery rooms, which to Sage looked fairly normal except Sage knew better. Somewhere in these halls someone beat kids. The fury that rose inside at the thought of someone doing that to a kid was insurmountable. Sage would kill the man if he ever saw him. Maybe he could find out and send the police after him since the Venatori really had no intention of doing so.

Drake hung between their hands as they left the building. They took the stairs. 50 flights of floors. It was easier than Sage thought it would be – going down always was.

Being with Nox was easy. Having Drake along made the conversations light and child friendly. But the stolen glances between Sage and Nox spoke volumes about what any alone time would bring. It was both exhilarating and frightening. Sage was terrified of having someone staying with him. Was Nox going to expect him to entertain him – for a week? All day? Shit, there was so much he didn’t know. Were vampires going to pop into his house unannounced? What about all those werewolves around his home. Would they want a Venatori in their neighborhood? So many questions and so few answers.

By the time they reached Sage’s house he was worked up. Drake curled around Nox’s leg while they waited for Sage to unlock the door. Sage was frazzled and he dropped his keys. Drake was the first to pick them up and he handed them back to Sage with a smile and then curled around Sage’s leg. The hug made Sage smile and he patted the little dragon on the head and managed to unlock the door.

Sage opened the door and they all filed inside. Sage flipped on the entrance light and looked up the stairs and then turned to ask Drake. “You want to choose a room?”

Drake’s eyes went wide, “My own room?” He asked.

Sage nodded, “Sure thing, it’s yours whenever you spend the night. We can even decorate it for you.”

That made the little dragon smile. Sage took them upstairs and opened both doors to his guest rooms. There was a bathroom he told Drake he could use in the middle of the night.

Drake didn’t really care which room he had. He entered the first on and never even looked at the second. He climbed into the bed and smelled the pillows. Then turned around and lifted the blankets and crawled in. Sage watched for a few moments and the dragon was smiling as he drifted off to sleep. “That was quick.”

Nox was standing behind Sage waiting for Sage to finish. “He and I can share space for now.”

Sage shook his head. “No, he’s so eager to have his own room. Besides I thought you’d stay with me.” It brought heat to Sage’s neck and cheeks and he hated that the idea of Nox staying with him made him blush but Nox only smiled before he responded.

“I didn’t want to presume.” Sage almost melted with the smile. How could a man like that be so disarming and yet everyone he knew didn’t like him?

Sage walked across the landing and opened the door, “This is my room.” Sage gave Nox a quick tour of his room before they went down stairs. Nox having declared he was hungry.

Sage had no food in the house, so they ordered out. Pizza, Nox oddly enough didn’t say anything about what was on tap for dinner. He did order a high concentration of vegetables on one Pizza. The delivery guy was going to wonder what was going on. No one in this neighborhood ordered that many vegetables. Most of them being werewolves and all.

Sage thought it might be awkward while we waited for pizza to arrive, but Nox kept up a non-stop chatter in the kitchen. Sage stood in the doorway to the living room watching him move through the cabinets and cupboards. He frowned at the fridge contents. Nox declared, “I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow.” He looked up at Sage with a grin, “And I’ll cook you that lobster.”

“You don’t have to.” Sage said shaking his head. “Really. Anything will be fine.” Sage was looking forward to having Nox cook for him again. So far it had been awesome. Sage was sure that lobster was overkill. Nox just grinned at him though. “I have to work tomorrow. I can’t go with you till after 5.”

“I can entertain myself, love. You do what you have to, I’ll manage on my own.” Sage didn’t realize then what that meant. That week he didn’t see Nox except for in the mornings for breakfast. Nox made him lunch, and then they spent the evenings together after collecting Drake from school.

They had a lot of interesting conversations during the days Nox stayed with Sage. But for Sage none really compared to that first night after Drake went to bed after dinner.

Nox went for a run after dinner and Sage got to spend time with Drake. When Nox got back all sweaty from his run, he put Drake to bed, and then went upstairs to take a shower. Sage had gone upstairs with Nox to show him where everything was. It never ceased to amaze Sage how easily Nox fell into things in his life. Before Sage could close the door and leave Nox to his shower, Nox started talking. “I don’t have to stay here, Sage. I can find a room someplace.”

Sage turned and faced the shower and found Nox pulling his clothes off, he wasn’t looking at Sage, so he wouldn’t see how badly he was blushing. Sage could feel the heat rising, and the he wasn’t sure how it was possible but it rushed other places as well. His pants were uncomfortably tight now as he watched Nox undress. Even the scars littering his body – especially – his back didn’t detract from his overall beauty. He was a gorgeous man. Sage knew he worked hard for the lines his body made when he moved. The perfect amount of veins over his muscles. A light tan, but you could see his arms and legs were darker from the sun that rest of him, but not much. Sage couldn’t help but stare as Nox stepped into the shower and turned on the water, closing the curtain halfway so the water didn’t splash everywhere.

He repeated. “I can go somewhere else, Sage.”

Sage cleared his throat. “No, it’s okay.”

Nox chuckled on the other side of the shower curtain. “If you are sure.”

“It’s good, Nox.” Sage said as he stepped out of the bathroom. He quickly changed out of his jeans and t-shirt and climbed into bed to read a book in his boxers. If it weren’t for the vision he’d had and the water running in the bathroom Sage might actually have read a page – instead of the first line until Nox walked out of his bathroom wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was wet but there was no color in it. Blonde tips were scattered through his hair. He wore no make up but he still gorgeous.

Nox walked to where his things had been dropped on the floor and grabbed a pair of boxers and a tank top before the towel dropped. His back was to Sage and Sage couldn’t help the fury at knowing what had happened to his back. But there was so much else to admire as Nox pulled the boxers on then the tank top. He was covered and Sage was disappointed. Nox was comfortable in his own skin. He hadn’t actually been trying to tease Sage, at least he never acted like he was teasing Sage. Was he? Nox laid down the other side of the bed, he flopped down actually and Sage bounced a little from the added weight. He asked, “What ya reading?”

Sage showed Nox the title “Star Wars”. The man nodded and asked nothing more but he moved closer to look at the page Sage was currently having no luck reading. Funny thing was there was probably only one sentence on the page. Nox smiled. “You having a hard time sounding out the words?”

Sage looked confused at Nox. He flopped back on the pillows on the other side of the bed. “You’ve not flipped any pages since I got out of the shower. Am I distracting you.” Nox purposefully stretched out, his hands behind his neck, to accentuate the muscles in his arms and elongated his torso. He looked irresistible and he knew it. That was teasing, nothing before said he’d been teasing Sage and that made Sage want to pull the covers up to his eyes and hide.

Nox grinned and sat up and pulled the covers down on his side of the bed and crawled under them. His arms were still behind his head and he stretched out under the sheet and blankets. Sage couldn’t help but stare wondering about that long lean body. He just saw it, but now it was covered and he wanted to unwrap him like a present.

Nox whispered, “Tell me what you are thinking when you look at me like that?”

Sage covered his face with the book and slide down in his blankets and tried to hide. Nox leaned over and kissed Sage on the cheek. “Night, love.”

And Nox moved back over this his side of the bed lying on his back. Sage snuck a glance at the man from behind the book and felt a stab of regret. He put the book back on the night stand and turned off the light. They laid in bed for what had to be an hour. Sage was sure that Nox had drifted off to sleep the way he was breathing. Sage rolled on to his side and watched the rise and fall of Nox’s chest. Sage whispered, “I was thinking how much I wanted to unwrap you like a present.”

Sage was certain he saw a smile creep over Nox’s lips in the dim light of his bedroom. “You can unwrap me anytime you want Sage.”

Sage jumped from Nox’s whispered voice. Like a bomb had gone off. He could feel the blood rushing to his face. Nox never opened his eyes, he never moved. The rise and fall of his chest remained the same. “I thought you were asleep.”

“Too early to sleep.”

Sage frowned, “They what are you doing?”

“Seeing if you’d get brave and answer me.” Nox smiled, this time he was certain of it. “Listening to your breathing change as you watch me. Smelling your room, and how your scent changes when you are aroused.”

Sage stammered, “I’m not…” He was lying, he knew that and Sage flopped back on his side of the bed. “I like watching.”

That must have peaked Nox’s attention. He shifted in the bed and Sage clamped his eyes tight, he didn’t want to see Nox looking back at him. He hoped he hadn’t heard him, but obviously he had.

He whispered from across the bed. “What do you like to watch?”

Sage could feel the heat rushing everywhere. To his ears, and neck and especially his cock. It twitched at the word watch and Sage was sure Nox chuckled under his breath at his reaction.

Nox whispered again, “Would it help if I didn’t look at you?”

Sage nodded his head, but he wasn’t sure he’d actually tell Nox anything. But Nox got out of the bed and padded over to Sage’s closet and a tiny light popped in above his hand as Nox looked for something. Sage saw the light flick out and Nox padded out again and sat down on the edge of his side of the bed and held out one of Sage’s ties “So you know I’m not looking at you.”

Sage tried to speak but nothing came out. On the second try he stammered. “You… want me to … blindfold you?”

Nox whispered, “Yes. If you’ll talk to me.”

Sage took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay.” Nox wasted no time walking around the bed, he climbed over top of Sage to sit down on the other side of him with his back towards him. And waited for Sage to put the blindfold on. Sage just stared at him for several minutes. “You really want me to do this?”

“Yes. If it will help you talk to me.”

Sage laughed but it was shaky, “What do you want to talk about?”

Nox turned back and looked over his shoulder. “About what you like to watch. About what you like in general. Sex, in particular, but anything will be fine. I just want to talk with you. This happened so fast. We don’t know each other. Not really. And here I am staying with you for a week plus.”

Sage took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He didn’t say anything in return, he looped the tie around the front of Nox and the other man turned to face away again. The tie was silky to his fingers as he wrapped it around Nox’s head over his eyes and tied a loose knot. Nox’s hands went to his eyes and adjusted the fit then chuckled, “You have to do it tighter than that.”

Sage sighed and loosened the knot and made it tighter. There was a lump caught in Sage’s throat as he finished tying it. Nox’s fingers splayed across the tie and he turned to lay back down on his side of the bed, his hand groping in the dark to find his pillow and get comfortable again. Sage watched with interest as Nox stretched out again, throwing a leg out from under the blankets to keep cool. Sage couldn’t help but stare.

Nox chuckled, “I know you are staring at me. So tell me what you are thinking.”

Sage gulped and turned to look at the face of the man. His features were shadowed in the dim light, he couldn’t see his lush lips, or the slight bent to his nose. The scar on his cheek was entirely hidden in the shadows of night. Sage whispered, “Can you form one of those balls of light again?”

As if by magic – well Sage guessed it was magic – the light formed above Nox, “You can move it, it’ll stay.” He said softly.

Sage took the small orb, it was warm against his fingers, but not hot and he moved it above his head and behind him, then decided he wanted it on the other side of Nox, and tossed it softly and stopped and light everything perfectly. It wasn’t too harsh, too bright, and it didn’t cast shadows against Nox’s body.

Sage just stared at Nox. Nox licked his lips as he waited and Sage’s cock twitched. This wasn’t about sex… well not really Nox wanted to talk and all Sage wanted to was watch him lie there.

Nox cleared his throat and Sage jumped. “Sorry,” Sage whispered. “I was just thinking about how much I just wanted to watch you. Every little detail about you.”

A smile slide across Nox’s lips. “What do you want to watch specifically?”

Sage could feel the blush rising again and he nearly choked on the words as the come out. “Touching yourself. Stretching like you were but naked.” Sage felt a little braver. “I could have watched you take a shower and been happy.”

Nox grinned, “Why didn’t you?”

“I….” Sage stuttered. “I don’t know. I didn’t think it was appropriate.”

“I undressed in front of you, Sage. You think I would have minded you watching me?”

Sage shook his head. “It wasn’t appropriate. I don’t want a one night stand.”

“I don’t either. We need to take the sex slow for me, but that line is a home run, Sage, not any of the other bases.”

Blood rushed everywhere and Sage couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped his lips. Nox smiled and Sage wanted to bury his face in his hands, he did but then he remembered Nox couldn’t see his blush anyway. Couldn’t see the tenting of his boxers.

“Could I watch you … touching … yourself?” Sage asked slowly and in a hushed whisper.

Nox nodded, “Yes, but after we talk alright? Tell me about how your day was Sage.”

Sage had to readjust, but he nodded. He realized Nox couldn’t see him. But he started telling Nox about the things he didn’t know about. The things he was happy with Trix. A few things he and Jack had talked about. Apparently he was holed up in a hotel finally with wi-fi and needed to chat to someone about something other than vampire business. Sage told Nox how odd it was to hear Jack’s voice. He didn’t sound like that in his head.

When he was done rambling, Nox was smiling and staring straight up. Sage asked him, “Dorian said they dropped a bomb on you today. Which is why you created that fire storm. Do you want to talk about it?”

Nox’s smile turned to a frown. He shook his head, “No, but I will. Talking is good.”

Nox didn’t hesitate when he started telling Sage about the Dragon Council. About his meeting with the lesser dragon, and then the big reveal at the end before he walked out where they told him he had a twin sister who was dead now, and that the woman who had been his therapist since he was six, was a dragon, and she was the one to kill his sister. She almost killed Nox. Which had Sage fuming and he was about to say something until he saw Nox trembling.

Sage touched his arm and Nox jerked away before he realized it was just Sage and relaxed back into the tender touch. Sage moved closer and laid on his side next to Nox. Nox liked to touch. Sage knew that already. Sage whispered, “What do you like?”

Nox chuckled. “I like a lot of things. But I don’t want to scare you, nor do I want you to think I need those things. My biggest turn on is pleasing my lover. I don’t need to get off to be happy as long as you get what you need from me. I don’t like to be hit, not even playful slaps on the ass. Normally I’d say don’t touch my back, but we’ve already seen that you can. And I want you to touch it as much as you want, even if I freeze every time. Don’t stop.”

Nox sat up and pulled the tank top off and adjusted the tie when it shifted. Sage’s mouth went dry, and he watched intently. Nox wasn’t shy that was for sure. He pushed the covers off and Sage had to move some so he wasn’t buried underneath them. Nox arched his back and removed his boxers. He wasn’t being seductive, only undressing, but Sage groaned at the sight. He was so graceful and lithe. Sage loved the way Nox’s body moved, he could move anyway and Sage would probably drool.

Nox was fully erect and leaking. The length of him was thick and Sage wanted to take him in his mouth. Nox spoke softly, “Not yet, love.”

Sage groaned. “What do you want to talk about?”

Nox smiled. “Tell me ten things about you you think I should know.”

Sage sighed. “I don’t know Nox. I’m not good at this.”

Nox snickered. “I’ll start then.”

Sage nodded, “That could help.”

“Ten things you need to know about me. Ten things you don’t know about me because I could tell you the things you might already know but I think they are obvious.”

Sage smiled and put his head down on Nox’s shoulder and stared down the length of his body. Nox pressed his lips to Sage’s hair and started. “I’ve never had sex with Jace. We’ve shared lovers at the same time, kissed and touched each other, and shared the same bed for sleeping, but we’ve never had sex.”

“Never?” Sage asked.

“Never. He wants to, wanted to, but I couldn’t risk losing him as my family, my brother, or my best friend. If I lost Jace I probably would have killed my self back then. That’s how bad off I was. So two more things you didn’t know.” Nox grinned. “I tried to kill myself twice. The first time I slit my wrists with a butter knife, but I healed to fast and it was pointless. A few months later, I jumped off the AU building, like I’d done many times before exept this time I didn’t want to use my ability to safe myself. I did in the end, only broke an arm. I was sent to suicide watch for about three months after that attempt. The first one no one knew about, though I told Margo about it when she put me on watch.”

“Damn, Nox. Do you think about it now?”

Nox shook his head. “No. But I have bad days and I do stupid things. I go to bars pick up a guy who I know will hurt me in ways I don’t like, Or take a mission I know could kill me.”

Sage asked, “When was the last time you felt that way?”

Nox smiled. “It hasn’t happened for a few years. I’ve grown a lot in those years. I accept my flaws, know when I’m close to breaking and I find an outlet that isn’t dangerous. Jace will take me dancing but he won’t let me dance with anyone but him and Mia. He’ll drag me to a movie or make me come spend the night with his family out in Brooklyn. Dorian and Kai help too, though my dad has a strange way of helping – he usually likes to kick the shit out of me on the mat. Which is good too.”

Sage smiled, “That’s only three.”

Nox laughed. “Yeah.”

“Okay, Four. I watched my mother die in a hospital room after a werebear bit her.”

“Five. My first crush was a guy. My first time was with a girl we both crushed on. We’d gone up to watch him at swim practice. I was jacking off to him in the privacy of an old classroom that overlooked the pool, and she walked in. Needless to say she saw and well she decided that I needed more than a hand job.”

Sage could feel heat rushing everywhere, his cock was twitching. Nox laughed softly, “You know your smell changes when you are turned on?”

Sage paled and breathed out,”No.”

“Did your wolf pups in the pack not tell you?”

Sage shook his head, “No. What do I smell like.”

“Mostly Jasmine and lavender. When you are turned on there is an undercurrent of musk that makes me want to fuck you.”

Sage groaned. “Six, is on those lines. All Venatori have supernaural senses. Some senses better than others. For me smell is a big part of my comfort, turn ons, and my fears. I need to smell like I’m safe. Dorian smells like cinamon and vanilla and he’s the best safe zone I have until I found you. My mother smells like dirt and cigarette smoke. I hate the taste of apple pie, but the smells of making it make me feel like I’m home. Both stem from the fact that my mother made apple pie.”

Sage kissed the skin below his head and a shudder ran though the other man’s body. Sage smiled. “That counts as two. Eight?”

“Let’s see. ” Nox lifted a hand and a finger trailed down his cheek over his scar. “I got this on my first hunt. I was tasked with killing a ghost who was possessing a little girl. She got me with a silver knife before I had to kill her. The one on my arm is from a vampire bite. It’s how I learned I coud help increase the speed of supernatural healing. The one on my leg.” Nox lifted his leg and shook it to indicate which one. But his cock moved and Sage couldn’t take his eyes off of it. He was vaguely aware of the human dragon’s breathe but he was too busy watching Nox’s dick settle back now that he’d stopped moving. His breathing was rapid and Nox laughed. “Does that count as eight, nine and ten?”

Sage hummed,”What?”

Nox laughed. “Do you want the scars to count as me finishing?”

Sage groaned at the words. “I have to go now?”

Nox nodded. “Yes. 10 things I should know about you.”

Sage sighed. “I have a brother. We were separated in foster care. I’ve never tried to find him. I’m afraid of what I’ll find.”

“I am not gay, or bi-sexual. I don’t care about gender identity. I fall for the person, doesn’t matter if he is a she, or he is a he. Or she thinks she’s a half alien.” Sage was glad Nox couldn’t see his face. He’d never really voiced that to anyone before. Not in those words anyway.

“I’ve slept with Sasha. Technically she was cheating on Bryan. But we’ve been sleeping with each other on and off since we were kids. She was my first.”

Sage paused to think. That was three. This was a lot harder than Nox made it sound.

“I’ve hacked things I’ve never told my boss about. Their security was so tough, I didn’t think too many peple would hack them. I guess I got through cause I was a technopath.”

Nox nodded, “Probably.” He smiled. “You are doing well. That’s four.”

Sage sighed. “I was called Wicked when I was younger because I would hack into my partner’s phones or computers and watch them.”

A smile spread on Nox’s mouth and he turned to listen, he couldn’t see, but Sage knew he’d piqued his interest. Nox asked, “Did you see anything interesting?”

Sage nodded. “One of the men I was dating, he liked to dress in women’s underwear. So I sent him some sexy langerie with no note and no return address. I watched him put them on and that night we both got off. I never told him about it.”

Nox whispered “That’s six. Four more.” Nox’s hand slid across his chest and he was rubbing at his nipples. “Tell me another one.”

Sage swallowed hard and nodded against Nox’s shoulder. “One of the girls was cheating on me, I hacked the computer in her bedroom and watched her fucking her boyfriend with a strap on. I never called her back, but I sent her boyfriend a strap on at his place of work.”

Nox chuckled. “You are wicked.”

Sage smiled. This was getting easier he thought, but he wasn’t talking about himself. Nox asked though, “Did you get off to that?”

Sage nodded and said nothing as he watched Nox’s hand trailing down his stomach to the hair his cock was nestled in. His fingers were still painted and he was running a blunt nail through it at the base of his cock. Sage watched intently but Nox interrupted, “Two more love.”

Sage thought about it. “I once ran a hidden camera dark web site. All sorts of illegal peeping happened and was uploaded there. I got to watch everyone elses videos too. I think my parents turned off the internet twice because I was staying up all night watching.”

“Why don’t you now?” Nox asked his finger nails were moving up and down his shaft and Sage really couldn’t think. Nox asked again and Sage turned his head to look up at Nox. “Because I saw some pervert was using it to fuck little kids. I took all the footage and sent it to the cops. Then I erased everything in a hail of glory. I was caught shortly after that.”

Nox leaned his head up and kissed Sage hard and wet. “Watch now love.”

Sage put his head on Nox’s shoulder and looked down the length of his body. Nox was gripping his cock and stroking it slowly. Nox shifted to his side. He still strocked his cock but he stuck his fingers of his right hand in his mouth and was sucking loudly. Sage didn’t know where to look. But he didn’t have to decide as Nox’s fingers went behind him and Sage and to sit up to see what he was doing. His middle finger slid in side and Nox moaned at the intrusion. Sage thought that it had to be awkward but his hand and his fingers moved together. Sage watched as his body tensed and showed signes of holding back. He was teasing himself. Sage groaned and grabbed himself through his boxers.

Sage whispered, “God, Nox. Don’t hold back. I want to see you come all over yourself.” As if it were a command Nox shuttered and released. A shot of white cum splattered against his stomach and the Sage’s knee. Sage came seconds later. Panting and shuttering as his orgasm left him.

Sage laid down next to Nox and kissed him. “Damn Nox.”

Nox grinned. “Sleep now love.”

Sage nodded and rolled to his side. Nox whimpered but Sage was pretty sure that he wasn’t supposed to hear that. Sage reached across the bed and found Nox’s arm and tugged at him. “Come over here. I can’t sleep over there.”

Nox didn’t hesitate, he wrapped his naked body around Sage and put his head in the crock of Sage’s shoulder. Sage fell asleep running small circles against Nox’s back. Sage was pretty sure Nox was out first though.