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Today’s word prompt: natty Who else had to look up this word?

neatly or trimly smart in dress or appearance; spruce:

Even the urban dictionary definitions are unappealing. The only ‘natty’ person I know is Dorian. Always prim and proper. His suit is always pressed and starched, there is never a hair out of place. I have never seen Dorian disheveled and that’s even when I was a boy and would sleep on his couch.

There is this stereotypical view that all gay men like fashion. While I don’t consider myself gay I know plenty of gay men who aren’t fashionistas. Who don’t know who Gucci or Armani are except for the fact that I’m pretty sure every fucking one knows who they are. I couldn’t tell the difference by looking at a pair of shoes who made them. Dorian could. But that’s all appearances.

Humans have their own unique blend of stereotypes, they blend into the Venatori culture as most human things do because we try to blend in. At least some of us do anyway – those of us who actually work on the streets. We have to feel human pass by as having been raised like everyone else. We didn’t go to high school, but we have a high school diploma. We all work for a subsidiary of Apex Unlimited in some fashion or another.

And there are even stereotypes in the supernatural world. We have our own derogatory terms. All wolves are pack animals – there are some that aren’t. But what the Venatori don’t get is that all therians are pack animals. Meaning they all trive in numbers. It’s not just wolves and lions. Even the tigers like to be in packs or families or prides or whatever you want to call them. That’s why the CCB exists in the first place. All members are family. They take care of their own. Something the Venatori could learn from.


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