Ambrose and Elsie nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award. How cool is that? Thanks! I’m very glad you enjoy my writing.

The rules

  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
  5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)


  1. If you could apologize to one of your characters, which one would it be and why?
    Me. No, AJ wouldn’t apologize to me. AJ wouldn’t apologize to anyone. AJ kills characters without mercy if it makes a good story.
  2. Do you think they would accept your apology or would they go nuts throwing heavy, breakable things at you?
    Since there are no apologize I think we’d all just throw things at AJ for the fun of it.
  3. Which post and/or character are you most proud of?
    Me of course. AJ loves me. What post is AJ most proud of. Actually AJ really likes Standing on a Precipice. It’s new but it kinda hits some deep emotional things that are coming up.
  4. How would you describe your writing style?
    I ramble. I just give you my thoughts and go with it. AJ’s a little more planned than I am. But AJ believes that I drive the story even when not writing my blog. I don’t always follow the plan. We both kinda like the raw style of this blog. Unedited unfiltered… I won’t make any money but it’s real. Well as real as fiction gets.
  5. If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be?
    I’d have more followers? I’d find the perfect theme that drew in with the picture, put a ‘showcase’ more on the author bio section not quite so hidden. I would make the tags and the categories more important. AJ used to do this for a living but now does mostly backend stuff, not so much with WordPress anymore. AJ has high hopes, but we are working with what we got.
  6. What is the best comment you’ve received on your blog?
    Haha, irony? Ambrose called me awesome! I’d find you the exact comment but I don’t remember where it was.
  7. Do you think your writing style has improved since you started blogging?
    Of course it has. Any writing improves things. But it also is a different style writing than when AJ writes the long stories. You can see the differences in The Last Phoenix and Darwynn’s Law. AJ’s going to try to combine the two for The Children of Morpheus.
  8. And, for the sheer random fun of it, if you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one of your characters, who would it be? And which one of your characters would you dread being stranded on a deserted island with?
    AJ says she’d like to be stranded on an island with me – cause magic creationist would be a life saver. Need a rubber raft – ooh lets make one. I can’t do food or things like that and actually be life sustaining, but we will never run out of drinkable water. She also says that I would be the worst one to be stranded on an island with. I’m moody and need a lot of attention that she’d have to give me… Oh poor baby. Not that you don’t do that already. As Alex said this morning… dance meat puppet dance!


This is the hardest part of the whole thing. I don’t read blogs on a general basis (Fictional character and all). What AJ reads isn’t usually writing related unless you want resources, they aren’t ‘real neat’ blogs they are informational and informative and while worthy of those type awards. There are a few bloggers I could nominate but I’d rather nominate all of you who read my blog. You are all “Real Neat” I mean you have to be to read my stuff considering I just ramble a lot, about things you may not understand…

So to all of you really neat readers here are your questions feel.


  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Who is your favorite writer (blog, profession etc) and why?
  3. What do you think is the secret to a successful blog?
  4. Do you self host or use a blogging platform like why?
  5. How much time to you spend on your blog?
  6. What methods if any do you use to share your blog posts with? Do you think they work?
  7. What’s your favorite post you’ve written?

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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