It was a Tuesday night. Nox was bored. I had to work the next day, but Nox said we wouldn’t be out late. He just wanted to dance. It was more like he needed to dance. Life in the AU building was never easy for him. His nemesis Aaron apparently tried to intimidate him again with a lost breakfast when he and Walker were working on a case.

But the sad thing was, Nox knew everyone that worked in Aspect on this Tuesday night. There was no line at the door, but the bouncer smiled at Nox and looked him over like he was a piece of meat up for auction. I wasn’t sure how I felt about people always looking at him, he was mine to watch. I did what any other jealous boyfriend would do, I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him along into the club. Nox was pliable, he came without any hesitation. He was letting me lead everything tonight. We went out to eat. He let me order for him. And just to prove a point he ate everything I ordered him – which included a greasy bacon and cheese hamburger and french fries slathered in chili and cheese.

He ate everything. How can one person make eating everyday things look sexy? It was damn burger that dripped and oozed and he didn’t drop a single drop of it on his pristine white t-shirt I made him put on. He wasn’t wearing his typical hoodie either, or long sleeves. A few of the scars on his back peaked out from under the short sleeves of the t-shirt and the khaki shorts he wore didn’t hide the scar running up his leg. And yet everyone stared. I still couldn’t take my eyes off his face though. He didn’t let me do his make up, but he wore thick eyeliner and the tips of his hair were colored in every color under the sun. He was fucking stunning and he looked around like no one was staring. It drove me crazy – he drove me crazy.

The music inside of Aspect wasn’t quite as loud as it was every other time I’d been there, and you could actually walk through the place without elbowing someone. A server here and there all smiled and waved at Nox. He spared them a friendly wave and continued on our journey to the bar, where my love leaned against the bar and was staring at the bartender. He was wearing a fishnet tank top that really left nothing to the imagination and a pair of black tight pants. His dark hair was all over the place with his blond highlights. His wrists were covered in leather cuffs and he had a tattoo on his shoulder. But nothing distasteful. He turned to the customer he was making a drink for and his eyes were lined with eyeliner thicker than Nox’s. I watched Nox look at him, he was hot – not as hot as Nox, but right now I was a little biased. The keep came over and gave us a smile, “What can I get you?” He wiped his hands on the back of his pants and laid down two napkins on the bar.

Nox was looking at me. “Two Irish Reds,” I answered. The bartender gave us another quick smile and turned to get the beers. I smiled at Nox and whispered, “You can go dance for me.”

Nox chuckled in that way he did when I was told him to do and it was exactly what he wanted to do. The dance floor was relatively empty. There were a few people dancing, but they were couples. But the great thing about Nox, he didn’t need a partner. I could watch him dance all night and he’d be happy as a clam out on the dance floor.

Our beers were set down on the napkins and I felt the man leaning down on the bar on his elbows. He spoke softly, for once the bar tender didn’t have to yell to make conversation. “I wonder if he fucks as well as he dances.”

I choked on the beer I just swallowed. Coughing up what my lungs didn’t like as never fun. I turned to look at the hot bartender and saw him watching my love with a smile. He’d said it to provoke a reaction. I could play the game. I turned back to watch Nox dancing all alone on the floor. I said one simple word. “Better.”

Sadly, the bartender was better at the game than I was. “I’d like to see that.”

I turned to face him. He was watching me from the corner of his eye while he ‘watched’ Nox on the dance floor. Nox and I had talked about a lot of things. But this still wasn’t something we were ready for – hell we hadn’t even gone all the way yet. I knew my face was flushed. “I can’t help you with that tonight. But….”

I took a sip of my beer and set it back down. Walking that short distance to my love felt like the longest walk I’d ever done. I knew not one but two sets of eyes were watching me. I wrapped my arms around Nox’s waist and I pulled him close to me. He fell into my rhythm with ease and pushed his pelvis into me and bent his knees slinging an arm over my shoulders. He never even really looked at me. I knew he’d seen me, but he was lost in the music. He moved freely, but when he smelled me that smile I only saw when I was near slid to his lips and he immediately made it look like sex while we danced. I knew he would, it was all part of my plan.

Nox whispered, “You all right?”

I looked up across at him but his eyes were closed, his lips slightly parted and I couldn’t help but lean forward and slide my tongue inside his mouth. He reciprocated by opening his mouth and meeting my tongue with his. He moaned through the deep kiss.

When we broke part he chuckled against my lips, “That didn’t answer the question?”

“No? I smiled at him. He looked across the floor towards the bar to the keep watching us. I could still feel his eyes on us, it was a slow night and there wasn’t much else going on. I buried my face against Nox’s neck and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

“Why were you choking?” Nox asked softly in my ear.

“He said, he wondered if you fucked as good as you danced.” I said into Nox’s neck. I felt him shiver under my breath.

“What did you say?”

I bit Nox’s neck and sucked softly. He always pulled out my brazen side he let out a groan and rubbed against me. “I said ‘better'”. I confided still pressing my fast into his neck. He couldn’t see the blush in the dim light, not that he’d ever say anything about it.

“And then?”

I took a deep breath and spit out, “He said he wanted to see that. And then I came out here.”

Nox chuckled, “You are such a tease.” He untangled me from his limbs and took my hand and pulled me towards the bar where our beers waited and the hot bartender. I looked over at Nox and he was grinning at the bartender who was watching us. His eyes never left the other man’s but he clutched my hand tight. I kinda liked that Nox was being protective and possessive.

He leaned against the bar and pulled me close, I stood between his legs as he sipped at his beer and smiled as he asked, “Did you enjoy the show?”

I watched the bartender smile and wave his hand like it was nothing. “I could do better?”

Nox chuckled. “Oh really?” There was a split second before Nox reached across the bar and grabbed a fistful the mesh shirt in his hand and leaned across and planted a kiss on the bartender’s lips. I moved tighter into Nox’s body as I watched them kiss. I knew I’d have to go to the bathroom to adjust thing but I didn’t care in that moment as my cock got harder with each passing second. Nox knew how to kiss, the bartender reciprocated with as much tongue and teeth as Nox gave him. Nox was hard against my thigh. I bit back a moan before it escaped and betrayed how much I liked watching Nox with another man. Nox knew, his hand gripped my hip and hard and he held me close against him pressing our groins together almost to the point it hurt.

They parted a little breathless, their lips swollen from kissing. Nox’s hand slowly let go of the fabric as he grinned, “I don’t know, I think he’s still better.” He grabbed my button up and pulled me in and kissed me. His tongue jetting inside my mouth and biting at my bottom lip with an eager growl. He whispered, “Let’s go home.”

I couldn’t speak, so I nodded. But I grinned at the bartender. Nox smiled, “Maybe next time, rockstar.” He did kinda like a rockstar was supposed to I wondered if he played in a band. That could be fun.

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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