I’ve been writing here consistently for moving into 5 months now. I had a good run last year until May/June and then I stopped, AJ moved my stuff to an all consuming blog of all her writing and I think I must have gotten pissed cause I kinda just stopped writing.

AJ took a renewed challenge and I’ve started up here since Jan 1. And I intend to make it a daily progress thing unless for some unforeseen AJ tires of me… Which is probably really unlikely because I am awesome!

In the past fourish months I received two awards from random strangers. Yes I do talk to you as my readers and it is my most favorite thing. I read in someone’s award this past week the question was “Would you rather have a 1000 likes or 10 comments” Me, I’d rather have the 10 individual comments. That means you cared enough to say something, it moved you. You hated it. You loved it. You wanted to add to it, or ask a question. Either way you made the effort to participate – that means more to me than the likes. But that doesn’t mean I want you to stop liking either! Keep doing that! Please! (I will beg if I need to – shut up Alex!)

They say Copying is the best form of flattery! Well I don’t believe that statement because you can’t copy something unless you use it word for word. Every writer borrows topics and things from worlds. It’s not called stealing it’s called inspiration.

Some people believe fanfic is plagiarism, a gross over stepping of bounds. AJ and I don’t agree with it. While there are likely legal things out there that would make us not want to. But we aren’t going to sue anyone if you decide to write in this world. And that’s where this post really comes to head. Someone cared enough to write in my world. In the world that AJ is continually changing, and adding to. In a world that I’ve brought to life for them enough to inspire a character an interaction… Can you tell how excited we are? No? Well AJ is beyond thrilled. Me I’m glad I inspired someone to write! Little ol’ me inspired someone! How fucking cool is that!

Anyway. Without further ado I’d like to introduce Cass, check out her debut post on Devil Doll Musings where she joins Alex who happens to be inspiration for a character you’ve met in Rockstar, and who will be coming up in The Children of Morpheus.

(Note: if you want to read Rockstar you need to figure out the password.)

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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