Expanding my “Territory”

I already covered the territories of New York Cities supernatural creatures in Lovingly so I won’t get into that again.

Instead I want to talk a little about an initiative I am (well AJ mostly) doing which includes expanding my territory so to speak. More like I’m trying to pull in more readers. Not that I don’t love the lot of my regular readers. I adore you all! But AJ writes just to write. But sharing those words with others is difficult – so thus this blog was born. The point being to spread the words to more people.

I have found a few reads that I enjoy through the WordPress Reader. I follow some of your own blogs. I try to comment when I can. I love to talk and those are the ones I tend to reply to because they aren’t afraid to speak with the fictitious character that I am.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a list to the right of the blog posts with the beginnings to other worlds, other writers out there who are sharing their fiction with the world. I want to read about your characters, your worlds, read your stories. If you have something you think I might like then I’d love to hear from you, post a link in the comments, shoot me an email on the contact form.

AJ is currently writing a guest post for another blogger who wants to post it in May sometime. So, expanding my horizons. Of course it’s about me from my point of view. AJ rarely writes anything else. But July I think will see a different character, one to whom I will get to meet in her novel. It’s geared towards kids, which should be interesting. AJ wants to share the words with the girlies, and me I’m not safe for preteens. (The baby turned 10 on the 27th….. 10!!!)

Sorry I’m spamming the reminders. But Saturday starts Camp NaNoWriMo and I will be sharing each day of my trip with you here.