Not all supernatural creatures treat their young like the Venatori. Most of them lovingly take care of them. The Venatori have always been about taking care of the best to provide the best. It’s just the way they were raised and it was how it’s been for millennium.

Vampires take care of their children in most cases. The Primeval ones have families just like humans. The Embraced and cursed are a little different as their children are made. They are taught, and the children really have no choice but to follow, it’s in the magic of their race of beings. I’ve only see one and know of a second who have the ability to disobey their sires – they were made to do so. No one council member can control an enforcer – No one controls Il Cane or Il Ric (short for The Replacement in Italian – ricambio – yeah chees
y movie title but that’s what they call him.)

But family life for the vampires I’ve not actually seen much of. Ant doesn’t let me anywhere near his mother – which means I only get tidbits of their relationship over the phone. And I’ve not met 80% of her family. I’ve met Ryan, Ant, her mate Tony, Jack Wynn and Allison. The rest are just names and faces in a file. And Il Cane’s file is rather large.

However, I have seen the inside workings of a pack of werewolves. One of the few adults in my childhood was pack. He sort adopted me into his pack which really isn’t a pack. Adrian Sheridan is the leader of the rogue wolves in New York City. What that means is, that these wolves don’t follow a pack leader. They are outside of pack rules, they are typically wanders, but in New York City they actually run Hell’s Kitchen. Adrian oversees their activities and they swear their loyalty to him. They join the pack, but are still considered rogue. Adrian doesn’t have monthly hunts with all his pack. He doesn’t interfere with a pack members life. For their stay in New York they are protected by pack law, but are not pack.

The pack leader of New York City, is fully aware of the second pack in his territory. He and Adrian have common understanding, as long as Adrian’s people stay in Hell’s Kitchen there is no problem. Wander into wolf territory then there is going to be a problem.

While I’m on the top800px-manhattan_neighborhoodsic of territory now is a good time to throw out that New York City is home to three specific supernatural creatures that each carved out their own territories.

The Upper and Lower East Side and Midtown are Venatori controlled ‘lands’.  Which essentially means it’s neutral ground.  Where disputes are most certainly finished by the Venatori.  Central Park is free for everyone.  It’s the only place not included in anyone’s territory – it also happens to be the biggest place where most supernatural law breaking happens.


North of the Venatori territory is the vampire territory.  It’s run by Desmond.  But he is not Prince of the City.  He is only the strongest Embraced vampire living there – and the richest.  Ant is Prince of the City via his mother Il Cane.  But his headquarters is in the heart of the Midtown at the Night Life building.  Il Cane owned the land long before the Venatori took control of the City as their own headquarters.  That’s a history lesson I’ll have to get into later I guess.

And south of Venatori controlled territory is wolf lands.  With Hell’s Kitchen being Adrian’s little niche.

Wow, I got off topic.