Sasha U’ard de’Saleh is a Resilient Stealthy Adept who Has a Thousand Faces

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Armor: 1
XP: 0

Might: 13 / 13 (0)
Speed: 9 / 9 (0)
Intellect: 16 / 16 (1)

Recovery 1d6 + level

  • [ ] Resilient Descriptor
  • [ ] Action
  • [ ] 10 Minutes
  • [ ] 1 hour
  • [ ] 10 hours

Damage Track

  • [ ] Impaired (effort costs +1, extra damage only +1)
  • [ ] Debilitated (no actions other than move)


  • practiced: light
  • trained: might defense, intellect defense, stealth, slight of hand, deception, persuasion, cooking, playing the lute
  • specialized:
  • inability: strength might skills (moving, bending, or breaking things), knowledge or figuring out problems or puzzles, medium and heavy weapons


  • attacks on close damaged target (this round)

Power Shifts

  • Dexterity: Movement, acrobatics, initiative, and Speed defense


  • Far Step (2 int)
  • Face Morph (2+ int)


  • L7 Rejuvenator: Restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to Speed Pool. (395)
  • L6 Poison (mind disrupting): The victim suffers Intellect damage equal to the cypher’s level and cannot take actions for a number of rounds equal to the cypher’s level. (394)
  • L4 Poison (emotion): The victim feels a specific Lust: Cannot focus on any nonsexual activity. for one hour. (394)



  • unarmed (l), short, 2 damage, eased
  • dagger (l), short, 2 damage, eased


  • brown slacks and cream colored tunic, black cloak, knee high boots
  • Dagger
  • Adventure’s Pack
    • 50ft rope
    • 3 days rations
    • 3 torches
    • waterskin
    • bedroll
    • mess kit
  • Lockpicks
  • Lute
  • Pocket Items
    • inexpensive: 4
  • Urn of Perpetual Water



  • inexpensive: 0
  • moderate: 0
  • expensive: 0
  • very expensive:
  • exorbitant:

Player Intrusions (1XP)

  • Advantageous Malfunction: A device being used against you malfunctions. It might harm the user or one of their allies for a round, or activate a dramatic and distracting side effect for a few rounds.
  • Convenient Idea: A flash of insight provides you with a clear answer or suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you’re facing.
  • Inexplicably Unbroken: An inactive, ruined, or presumed-destroyed device temporarily activates and performs a useful function relevant to the situation. This is enough to buy you some time for a better solution, alleviate a complication that was interfering with your abilities, or just get you one more use out of a depleted cypher or artifact.


Sasha likes to blend into the crowd. He doesn’t let people in easily and he’s always ready with a sarcastic biting comment.

Background and Story

Age: Young Adult

Given Name: Sasha U’ard de’Saleh

Your mother left you as an infant on the doorstep of The Vanguard Institute of Adventurers. It didn’t feel right stealing another baby, so when she saw another abandoned child on the doorstep she left you in the same basket and walked away as all Changeling parents do.

Sasha worked in the kitchens, both cooking and entertaining. He would steal food and snacks to make sure Nyx (and himself but mostly Nyx) had something to eat.

Character Arcs

Long Term Arc

  • ??

Short Term Arc

  1. Join an organization – The Vanguard Institute of Adventurers: You must undergo your own trial to join the Adventure’s Guild instead of be a ward of it.
  • [x] Get the mission (0XP)
  • [ ] Travel to encounter (1XP)
  • [ ] Retrieve the objective (2XP)
  • [ ] Travel home (1XP)
  • [ ] Turn in the objective (4XP)


Hair: shaggy dark hair you keep back with a hat
Eyes: gray eyes
Height: 6’0″
Build: medium build

In your natural state you are unremarkable, you blend in with the crowd

Sasha doesn’t like to stand out. His clothes blend in with the crowd. He wears typically dull and darker colors, nothing too bright. His cloak helps him to blend into the shadows.


Nyx3Nyx and Sasha have known each other since they were babies
Saleh2Saleh is officially Sasha’s guardian
Rhesus-2Rhesus doesn’t really like Sasha or Nyx

Character Journal

Tier 1

Descriptor: Resilient

You can take a lot of punishment, both physically and mentally, and still come back for more. It takes a lot to put you down. Neither physical nor mental shocks or damage have a lasting effect. You’re tough to faze. Unflappable. Unstoppable. (54)

You gain the following characteristics:

  • Resistant: +2 to your Might Pool, and +2 to your Intellect Pool.
  • Recover: You can make an extra recovery roll each day. This roll is just one action. So you can make two recovery rolls that each take one action, one roll that takes ten minutes, a fourth roll that takes one hour, and a fifth roll that requires ten hours of rest.
  • Skill: You are trained in Might defense tasks.
  • Skill: You are trained in Intellect defense tasks.
  • Inability: You’re hardy but not necessarily strong. Any task involving moving, bending, or breaking things is hindered.
  • Inability: You have a lot of willpower and mental fortitude, but you’re not necessarily smart. Any task involving knowledge or figuring out problems or puzzles is hindered.

Type: Adept

  • Might 7 -> 11
  • Speed 9
  • Intellect 12 -> 14
  • 6 points
  • Effort 1
  • Intellect Edge 1
  • Cyphers 3
  • Equipment: Appropriate clothing, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items.
  • Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. You have an inability with medium heavy weapons; your attacks with heavy weapons are hindered.
  • Far Step (2 Intellect points): You leap through the air and land some distance away. You can jump up, down, or across to anywhere you choose within long range if you have a clear and unobstructed path to that location. You land safely. Action. (138)
  • Ward: You have a shield of energy around you at all times that helps deflect attacks. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler. (196)
  • Erase Memories
  • Scan


  • Cooking
  • Playing the lute


Flavor: Stealth

  • Opportunist: You have an asset on any attack roll you make against a creature that has already been attacked at some point during the round and is within immediate range. Enabler. (167)
  • Stealth Skills: You are trained in your choice of two of the following skills: disguise, deception, lockpicking, pickpocketing, seeing through deception, sleight of hand, or stealth. You can choose this ability multiple times, but you must select different skills each time. Enabler. (186) -> stealth, slight of hand

Focus: Has A Thousand Faces

  • Face Morph (2+ Intellect points): You alter your features and coloration for one hour, hiding your identity or impersonating someone. This affects only your face, not the rest of your body. You can’t perfectly duplicate someone else’s face, but you can be accurate enough to fool someone who knows that person casually. You have an asset in all tasks involving disguise. You must apply a level of Effort to be able to impersonate a different species (such as a human morphing into a humanoid alien). Action. (138)
  • Interaction Skills: You are trained in two skills in which you are not already trained. Choose two of the following: deceiving, persuading, public speaking, seeing through deception, or intimidation. You can select this ability multiple times. Each time you select it, you must choose two different skills. Enabler. (155) -> deception, persuasion

Connection: That character always recognizes you or your handiwork, whether you’re in disguise or are long gone when they arrive on the scene.

Power Shifts

  • Dexterity: Movement, acrobatics, initiative, and Speed defense


Important Possessions


Urn of Perpetual Water

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