Nyx U’ard de’Saleh is an Empathic Magic Adept who Bears a Halo of Fire

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Armor: 1
XP: 0

Might: 8 / 8 (0)
Speed: 10 / 10 (0)
Intellect: 16 / 16 (1)

Recovery 1d6 + level

  • [ ] Power Shift Healing 1
  • [ ] Action
  • [ ] 10 Minutes
  • [ ] 1 hour
  • [ ] 10 hours

Damage Track

  • [ ] Impaired (effort costs +1, extra damage only +1)
  • [ ] Debilitated (no actions other than move)


  • practiced: light weapons
  • trained: sensing other emotions, discerning dispositions, getting a hunch about people around you, social interaction (pleasant or otherwise), animal handling, drawing
  • specialized:
  • inability: medium and heavy weapons, intellect defense


  • Power Shifts
  • Healing: One extra recovery roll 


  • Hedge Magic (1 int)
  • Onslaught (1 int)
  • Blessing of the Phoenix – Fire (2 int)
  • Blessing of the Phoenix – Health (3 int) 1d6 to one pool, touch (L2 task, hindered for each attempted after first)
  • Shroud of flame (1 int) – 10 mins


  • L3 Sleep inducer: Touch puts the victim to sleep for ten minutes per cypher level or until awoken by a violent action or an extremely loud noise. (397)
  • L4 Perfect Memory: Allows the user to mentally record everything they see for thirty seconds per cypher level and store the recording permanently in their long-term memory. This cypher is useful for watching someone pick a specific lock, enter a complex code, or do something else that happens quickly. (393)
  • L5 Infiltrator: Tiny capsule launches and moves at great speed, mapping and scanning an unknown area. It moves 500 feet (150 m) per level, scanning an area up to 50 feet (15 m) per level away from it. It identifies basic layout, creatures, and major energy sources and either transmits this information back to the user (perhaps by telepathy or an electronic signal) or returns to the user to show what it saw. Its movement is blocked by any physical or energy barrier. (390)



  • unarmed (l), short 2 damage, eased
  • sling (l), short 2 damage, eased
  • onslaught, short range 4 fire damage
  • fire, short range, +1 fire damage/round until extinguished


  • orange and red gossamer overcoat, black leggings, a thin white tunic, knee high leather boots and a black beaded cloak
  • sling
  • 20 bullets
  • Adventure’s Pack
    • 50ft rope
    • 3 days rations
    • 3 torches
    • waterskin
    • bedroll
    • mess kit
  • Pocket Items
    • inexpensive: 1
    • moderate: 1
  • Healing kit
  • Sketch book and pencils



  • inexpensive: 0
  • moderate: 0
  • expensive: 1
  • very expensive:
  • exorbitant:

Player Intrusions (1XP)

  • Advantageous Malfunction: A device being used against you malfunctions. It might harm the user or one of their allies for a round, or activate a dramatic and distracting side effect for a few rounds.
  • Convenient Idea: A flash of insight provides you with a clear answer or suggests a course of action with regard to an urgent question, problem, or obstacle you’re facing.
  • Inexplicably Unbroken: An inactive, ruined, or presumed-destroyed device temporarily activates and performs a useful function relevant to the situation. This is enough to buy you some time for a better solution, alleviate a complication that was interfering with your abilities, or just get you one more use out of a depleted cypher or artifact.


Nyx is in tune with all creatures around him, and is easily distracted by everything. He likes to make everyone happy, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, he knows he’s different and he embraced those difference long ago and flamboyantly displays them.

Background and Story

Age: Young Adult

Given Name: Nyx U’ard de’Saleh

Your Village was wiped out when they summoned a Greater Phoenix from the Fire Plane. You are the sole survivor of the catastrophe and the Greater Phoenix bestowed upon your young self its power so that you may survive. The Greater Phoenix could not care for one such as yourself and it left you on the doorstep to the what it thought was The Chruch of the Phoenix, but instead it was The Vanguard Institute of Adventurers.

Nyx worked in the stables.

When surprised, angry/upset, or anxious Nyx can sometimes spark catching things on fire. (GM Intrusion)

Character Arcs

Long Term Arc

  • Mysterious Background: Figure out what that memory means

Short Term Arcs

  1. Join an organization – The Vanguard Institute for Adventurers: You must undergo your own trial to join the Adventure’s Guild instead of be a ward of it.
  • [x] Get the mission (0XP)
  • [ ] Travel to encounter (1XP)
  • [ ] Retrieve the objective (2XP)
  • [ ] Travel home (1XP)
  • [ ] Turn in the objective (4XP)


Hair: long shaggy orange and read hair with a slight emberlike glow
Eyes: orangish red like embers
Height: 6’0″
Build: slightly built, long thin arms, legs and fingers

Nyx has an orange glowing tattoo that spans his body that resemble feathers, his ears are slightly pointed like an elf, his skin glows like there is fire moving beneath a thin layer of parchment

Nyx runs hot from the power of the Phoenix coursing through his veins so he typically wears light airy clothes. He wears an orange and red gossamer overcoat that when fluttering in the wind resembles flames, with black leggings, a thin white tunic underneath and knee high leather boots. The glow from his skin and tattoos light the fabric from below.


Sasha3Nyx and Sasha have known each other since they were babies
Glak2Nyx shouldn’t be talking to her
Rogan2Stable master where Nyx did his chores (Glak’s father)
Saleh3Saleh is officially Nyx’s guardian
Rhesus-2Rhesus doesn’t really like Sasha or Nyx

Character Journal

Tier 1

Descriptor: Empathic


Other people are open books to you. You may have a knack for reading a person’s tells, those subtle movements that convey an individual’s mood and disposition. Or you may receive information in a more direct way, feeling a person’s emotions as if they were tangible things, sensations that lightly brush against your mind. Your gift for empathy helps you navigate social situations and control them to avoid misunderstandings and prevent useless conflicts from erupting.

The constant bombardment of emotions from those around you likely takes a toll. You might move with the prevailing mood, swinging from giddy happiness to bitter sorrow with little warning. Or you might close yourself off and remain inscrutable to others out of a sense of self-preservation or an unconscious fear that everyone else might learn how you truly feel. (44)

You gain the following characteristics:

  • Open Mind: +4 to your Intellect Pool
  • Skill: You’re trained in tasks involving sensing other emotions, discerning dispositions, and getting a hunch about people around you.
  • Skill: You’re trained in all tasks involving social interaction, pleasant or otherwise.
  • Inability: Being so receptive to others’ thoughts and moods makes you vulnerable to anything that attacks your mind. Intellect defense rolls are hindered.

Type: Adept

  • Might 7 -> 8
  • Speed 9 -> 10
  • Intellect 12 -> 16
  • 6 points
  • Effort 1
  • Intellect Edge 1
  • Cyphers 3
  • Equipment: Appropriate clothing, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items of your choice.
  • Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. You have an inability with medium weapons and heavy weapons; your attacks with medium and heavy weapons are hindered.
  • Scan
  • Ward: You have a shield of energy around you at all times that helps deflect attacks. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler. (196)
  • Onslaught (1 Intellect point): You attack a foe using energies that assail either their physical form or their mind. In either case, you must be able to see your target. If the attack is physical, you emit a short-range ray of force that inflicts 4 points of damage. If the attack is mental, you focus your mental energy to blast the thought processes of another creature within short range. This mindslice inflicts 2 points of Intellect damage (ignores Armor). Some creatures without minds (such as robots) might be immune to your mindslice. Action. (167)
  • Hedge Magic (1 Intellect point): You can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, and so on. You can’t use Hedge Magic to harm another creature or object. Action. (149)


  • Animal Handling
  • Drawing


Flavor: Magic

  • Blessing of the Gods: As a servant of the gods, you can call up blessings in their name. This blessing depends on the god’s general demeanor and area of influence. Choose two of the abilities described below.
  • Fire (2 Intellect points). You cause one creature or object within short range to catch fire, inflicting 1 point of ambient damage each round until the fire is extinguished (requiring an action). Action.
  • Health (3 Intellect points). With a touch, you restore 1d6 points to one stat Pool of any creature, including yourself. This ability is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each time you attempt to heal the same creature, the task is hindered by an additional step. The difficulty returns to 2 after that creature rests for ten hours. Action.

Focus: Bears a Halo of Fire

  • Shroud of Flame (1 Intellect point): At your command, your entire body becomes shrouded in flames that last up to ten minutes. The fire doesn’t burn you, but it automatically inflicts 2 points of damage to anyone who tries to touch you or strike you with a melee attack. Flames from another source can still hurt you. While the shroud is active, you gain +2 Armor against damage from fire from another source. Enabler. (183)

Connection: You are always trying to impress that character with your skill, wit, appearance, or bravado. Perhaps they are a rival, perhaps you need their respect, or perhaps you’re romantically interested in them. -> Alex

Power Shifts

  • Healing: One extra recovery roll per shift (each one action, all coming before other normal recovery rolls)


Important Possessions

A black beaded coat given to Nyx by Sasha


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