Nox Vega-Luciano

Nox Vega-Luciano is a perceptive (54) explorer (27) who defends the weak (66)


Age: 25
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 1

Might: 13 (1) => 12
Speed: 12 (0) => 12
Intellect: 11 (0) => 11


Recovery Rolls: 1d6+
[] Action
[] Ten Minutes
[] One Hour
[] Ten Hours

Damage Track:
[] Impaired
[] Debilitated

Cypher Limit: 2


Trained Skill:

  • You have an eye for detail. You are trained in any task that involves finding or noticing small details
  • You know a little about everything. You are trained in any task that involves identifying objects or calling to mind a minor detail or bit of trivia
  • Your skill at making deductions can be imposing. You are trained in any task that involves intimidating another creature.
  • You can use light and medium weapons without penalty.
  • You are trained in Speed defense tasks when not wearing armor.
  • You are trained in Intellect defense tasks and initiative tasks.
    Specialized Skill:

  • Inability:
  • Your confidence comes off as arrogance to people who don’t know you. Any task involving positive social interactions is hindered.
  • You have an inability with heavy weapons; your attacks with heavy weapons are hindered.


Danger Sense (124) -> 1 Speed Your initiative is eased pay cost when used (enabler)
No Need for Weapons (166) -> Unarmed attack 4 dmg (enabler)
Trained Without Armor (193) -> (enabler)
Endurance (134) -> physical action is double or halved (which ever is better) (enabler)
Courageous (122) -> (enabler)

Player Intrusions

Fortuitous Malfunction (27)
Serendipitous Landmark (27)
Weak Strain (27)

Minor and Major Effects

Name (Source)


Jeans, Gray Hoodie, t-shirt, hiking boots
Crossbow: Medium long range 4
Pocket: smart phone (e)
Wrist: survival bracelet
Backpack: (part of survival kit)

  • on top: sleeping bag (m)
  • inside:
  • bolts 12 (i)
  • a journal with pen (i)
  • solar charging battery pack (i)
  • bag of light tools: multitool + spork, folding military knife, multitool axe, folding shovel/pick, multifunction saber card tool, wire saw, flint and steel, 3 fire starter sticks,
  • survival kit (m): tactical flashlight, first aid kid, whistle, emergency blanket, glowsticks x2, tactical D carabiner x3, safety pins x10, 50ft 275lb parachute cord, 50ft 750lb parachute cord, small fishing tackle box, 50 waterproof matches, 5x power bars, poncho, emergency tent, camping light, compass
  • side pocket: refillable water bottle (i)
    Expert Rock Climbing Gear (e)


  1. Effort enhancer (combat) L6 (+1 effort to any task for 1 hour)
  2. Contingent activator L5 (Link another cypher to a specific condition)


Tier #:
[] Increase Capabilities
[] Move Toward Perfection
[] Extra Effort
[] Skill Training

Background and Story

You served in the military with honor.

Nox’s mother got pregnant at like 16 by her 19 year old boyfriend. Which is statutory rape, parents don’t like the boy and her life is crap but they make her give up the baby, in which Dorian and Marco adopt him from a baby and love and care for him.

At 10 they are tasked with writing an autobiographical story and Nox chooses to tell his birth story which he knows. teacher doesn’t approve, and Nox refuses to rewrite his work. But some bullies find out and begin tormenting Nox. (at one point in our musings Nox tried to hurt himself, but I think we’ll leave that out) In an effort to make Nox stronger and also get him away from the bullies they send Nox to a military boarding school thus starting his career.

Nox joins the marines, and plans to be career military until he meets Michael (Alex’s brother) who isn’t exactly a boy scout. Michael is running drugs while they are overseas, but as the unit is tight, they’ve all figured it out and let it slide. Michael gets caught, the others get court martialed along with him. Michael is dishonorably discharged and the rest of the squad is quietly asked not to up their contracts once they are up so there goes Nox’s career in the military.

He tries college but while there he took some video editing classes and found Alex’s vlog and started going where Alex suggested in the videos recording his own high risk taking adventures but not from the POV of him doing it, more of a here is before, here is after type vlog not an actual capturing of events like Alex.

Now Nox does a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and makes a little money with his videos but not like Alex. He’s a barista, a yoga instructor and living off his ‘trust fund’.

Michael reaches out to Nox with this once in a lifetime retreat adventure and despite their history Nox accepts if only to actually meet his brother Alex who he secretly has a crush on and who he follows avidly and goes anyplace Alex has given high ratings to.


Sergeant Michael Kennedy

  • squad 1 (2 other marines)
  • squad 2 (3 other marines)
  • Corporal Nox Vega-Luciano
  • 2 other marines

Character Arcs

  1. Develop a bond

You want to get closer to another character. This might be to make a friend, find a mentor, or establish a contact in a position of power. It might be to turn a friend into a much closer friend. The character might be an NPC or a PC.

Opening: Getting to Know You. You learn what you can about the other character.
Step: Initial Attempt. You attempt to make contact. This might involve sending messages or gifts through a courier, using an intermediary, or just going up and saying hello, depending on the situation.
Step(s): Building a Relationship. There might be many such steps as you develop the relationship.
Climax: Bond. You succeed or fail at forging the bond.
Resolution: You enjoy the fruits of your new relationship.


Alex: You knew of that character years ago, but you don’t think they knew you

Michael: Recently, they accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) put you in a position of danger. You’re fine now, but you’re wary around them


Alex: Romantic 2
Michael: Platonic 3



Nox is 6’0″ weighing approximately 145lbs with a hard to maintain thin athletic build. He has chestnut brown hair with chocolate brown eyes framed with a thick set of eye lashes any woman would die for. He tends to have a few days growth beard mustache carefully managed. Nox almost always has a playful grin plastered on his lips, like everything’s a joke to him.

Before and after the Marines, Nox tends to wear eye liner and dyes the tips of his hair in bright colors with matching finger-nail polish. His favorite colors being sapphire blue, crimson red and orange. He has been known to wear flavored lip gloss.

He has one large tattoo starting mid thigh the tail feathers of a red/orange phoenix flow up his thigh, the wings wrap around at his hip bone, some of the ink would land in the pubic hair region but Nox is a meticulous groomer so perfectly kept and nothing marring the ink, the head of the bird points towards his belly button, and then it turns into a bunch of red/orange tribal tattoo solid shapes, that gradually darken and turn to black tribal tattoos up his chest and shoulder and as they turn around his shoulder they start to lighten until they are nothing but outlines. None of the ink can be seen if he’s wearing a buttoned up marine uniform shirt, with long sleeves, stops about 2-3 inches above his wrist. the edge of the phoenix peak out at the hem of basketball shorts, and a few wisps of black at the neck when he wears a t-shirt, and then most of the sleeve if he’s wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt/tank top

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