Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy is a brash (39) warrior (20) who looks for works the back alleys (79)


Age: 28
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 1

Might: 14 (1) => 13
Speed: 13 (0) => 13
Intellect: 9 (0) => 9


Recovery Rolls: 1d6+
[] Action
[] Ten Minutes
[] One Hour
[] Ten Hours

Damage Track:
[] Impaired
[] Debilitated

Cypher Limit: 2


Trained Skills:

  • You become practiced with light, medium, and heavy weapons and suffer no penalty when using any kind of weapon. Enabler
  • You are trained in initiative.
  • You are trained in all actions that involve overcoming or ignoring the effects of fear or intimidation.
  • You are trained in Speed defense tasks when not wearing armor.
  • You are trained in deception and lock picking.
    Specialized Skill:

  • Inability:


Control the Field (121) -> 1 Might Point melee attack -1 dmg but maneuver the opponent into a position you want (action)
Trained without Armor (193) -> (enabler)
Combat Prowess (120) -> +1 dmg to ranged (enabler)
No Need for Weapons (166) -> unarmed attack 4dmg (enabler)
Stealth Skills (186) -> (enabler)

Player Intrusions

Perfect Setup (21)
Old Friend (21)
Weapon Break (21)


Jeans, Leather Jacket, t-shirt, sneakers
Medium hand gun: light, 4, long range
Saber: medium 4, immediate
Pocket: smart phone (e)
Wrist: survival bracelet

  • on top: sleeping bag (m)
  • inside:
  • box of ammo (50 rounds) (i)
  • simple survival kit (i): foldable knife, fire starter, wire saw, multifunctional spoon, tactical pen, reinforced carabiner x2, 50ft 250lb parachute cord, multipurpose wallet card, tactical flash light, whistle, mini key screwdrivers, emergency blanket
  • waterproof 3quart locking container (i) (not empty)
  • side pocket: refillable water bottle (i)
    Basic Climbing Gear (m)


  1. Mind stabilizer L2 (+5 armor against Int damage)
  2. Remembering L4 (perfect recall of a memory for 1min/level)


Tier #:
[] Increase Capabilities
[] Move Toward Perfection
[] Extra Effort
[] Skill Training

Background and Story

Michael is the eldest Kennedy son and he never fit in with the whole I follow the law and help people theme of his family. But he’d do anything for his little brother, Alex.

As soon as he was able Michael got out of his parents house went away to college and got a philosophy degree he can’t do anything with just to piss his parents off. But he immediately joined the Marines thereafter further pissing off his father.

During college Michael fell into the wrong sorts of people — mostly drug dealers and gun runners on the back side of town. And when he joined the Marines the bad news followed him.

He almost made his 3 year contract before he got caught and was court martialed — him and his team. He took the brunt of the blow as most of the team testimony lead to the arms and drug contacts he’d been fostering for a few years.

Now back home Michael is struggling to get to a normal life, and falls back into the same patterns. It was fortuitous timing when Alex came into a super sweet deal that allowed him to pay back debts he owes people. Inviting Nox along, well that wasn’t his idea — that goodie goodie might get them all killed.


Sergeant Michael Kennedy

  • squad 1 (2 other marines)
  • squad 2 (3 other marines)
  • Corporal Nox Vega-Luciano
  • 2 other marines

Character Arcs

  1. Repay a Debt

You owe someone something, and it’s time to make good.

Opening: Michael’s court martial ruined more than his career, it also indebted him to Gun Runner who is now looking to collect on the shipment of arms that are now property of the US government.
Step 1: Before getting on the small aircraft to their final destination pick up the package
Step 2: Deliver the package to their final destination at the resort.
Step 3: Return to the US with the payment stowed in provided container
Climax: Give the payment to Gun Runner
Resolution: You relax knowing that your debt is repaid, and you look to the future. Maybe?


Alex: You are always trying to impress that character with your skill, wit, appearance, or bravado. (little brother)

Nox: You worked together in the past, and the job ended badly.


Nox: Platonic 4
Alex: Platonic 6 (actual siblings)


Gun Runner: Rival 5


Michael is 5’10” with a slight bulk to him. He prides himself on his low body fat percentage and his max PR on the bench press. Michael still sports the high and tight hair cut of the marines though his inky black hair is starting to salt and pepper. He’s taken to dying it to hide it. Michael tends to wear shirts that are a size to small and pants that look skin tight but allow for flexibility to move well in a fight. He’s handsome like all the men in his family, but he down plays it to blend into his surroundings. He has no scars or identifiable marks.

Cypher System DCS v 1.5 /



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