The Vanguard Institute – Part 5

Q: Adventure Status – Unstable 4 (12)
Developer: PC Enabler
(1d20: [15] = 15)
Birth, Message, Target

Season: Spring

Day 1
Weather: Warm
Terrain: Village
Developer: But…
(1d20: [8] = 8)
Ability, Silence, Information

Pov: Sasha

Q: Does Rhesus start a fight with Kis?
(1d20+0: [10]+0 = 10)

Q: Does Kis do anything in return?
(1d20+0: [12]+0 = 12)
Yes, but Agreement, Percussive, Demon

There was a moment where I watched Nyx lick his lips and stare at me with longing. The moment was broken by hollering. Rhesus always had bad timing.

A kobold pulling two steeds behind him casually walked towards the gates. Willow was one of them, and she seemed much calmer than before. However Rhesus hollered and chased after the kobold. “That’s my horse.”

A low gravely voice returned, “Yes, is correct. I squire. So say Master Araleth, so Kis does.”

“You’re a kobold. I can’t have a kobold for a squire. Kobolds are dirty thieves and demons.”

“No demon. No thief. Good, squire. Peaceful kobold. Saddle horse. Willow, wait. Go pack things.” The kobold spoke in short sentences and then scampered off towards the barracks where we stayed.

Rhesus’ eyes followed after and then he turned to us and glared. “What are you staring at!”

Nyx turned away with a snicker on his lips. And then sat down and handed me a chunk of bread from his pack. I took it grateful, but I’d nicked it for him.

Austin joined us and we waited for the Kobold to return. Rhesus paced and then headed in the direction his new kobold squire had gone.

Austin looked at us waiting patiently. “You boys packed everything? Know where we are going?”

Nyx pulled his scroll from his pocket and I followed suit. I’d forgotten to check it. Not even sure what we were doing. Now as as good as time as any to figure things out.

In our scrolls were a map with a location marked on it, and a note.

Here lies the scepter, of fire and earth,
In the murky swamp, where dangers give birth.
Guarded by earth and flame, seekers face their worth.

I looked up to Austin and asked, “So we are after a scepter for the King in some mysterious swamp?”

“Why do you say the King?” Austin countered.

“Because Rhesus has to go on this mission.”

The man chuckled. “Astute thinking. Each of you were given a role based upon your skills and training.”

I looked on the back of the note.


“What did you get?” I asked Nyx.

“Cartographer.” He said softly.

“What did Rhesus get?” I asked Austin.

The old man just shrugged. “Someone has to lead. He is the King’s son.”

Nyx and I both groaned.

Q: Does anyone show up before Kis and Rhesus?
(1d20+0: [15]+0 = 15)

Q: Are they there for Sasha?
(1d20+0: [14]+0 = 14)

Q: Is it a girl?
(1d20+0: [5]+0 = 5)

Q: Are Trevan’s orders from his employer?
(1d20+0: [13]+0 = 13)

Q: Does Trevan work for an underground guild?
(1d20+0: [5]+0 = 5)

Q: A government?
(1d20+0: [3]+0 = 3)

Q: A person?
(1d20+0: [19]+0 = 19)
Yes, and Track, Request, Twilight

We waited. It was going on twenty minutes when we saw a figure jogging up to us. As soon as I recognized them I was on my feet and greeting him well away from Nyx, though I could feel his glowing orange eyes on the back of my neck. It was like he was right there burrowing into my skin.

Trevan was a handsome fairy. His dragonfly-like wings gently tucked behind him barely visible behind his back twitched nervously as he glanced behind me. His soft pink skin shimmered like the insect he resembled in the rising sun. And he gave me a bright smile, though he looked past me and it dimmed.

“Sorry.” He whispered. “I know I shouldn’t show up with him around. But I’ve got orders. You’ve got orders.”

Trevan took my hands and fluttered his wings rising in the air. His lips met mine. His tongue parted my lips and danced in my mouth like he was searching for something deep inside. The passion went straight south, but it was the small scroll that he tucked into my pocket that I focused on for a moment before someone punched me in the shoulder.

“Ow. You mother…” I looked at the person running past me. Fucking Rhesus.

Trevan gave me a shy smile. “I’ll miss this.” He smirked at me and then waggled his fingers at Nyx who was still watching the show.

He saw me looking at him and turned his gaze to the map in his hands. His skin was brighter than usual like the fire had been stoked.

I patted the note in my pocket and fished it out to look it over. I’d have to break the seal and that wouldn’t be subtle. I’d have to look at it later.

“Hit me again, Rhesus and I’ll make sure you never do it again.” I threatened.

Nyx was on his feet and climbing into Thunderbolt’s saddle. He wasn’t going to waste anymore time. He didn’t look at me when I walked past him to Aurora to mount myself. “Is my liege packed and ready to lead us?”

Rhesus looked at me confused, but it was Nyx who spoke first. “Open your scroll and let’s go.” He said. He pointed out of the gates, but not down the road. “We want to go east. We have half a day of light. We should use it.”

“I guess I go first.”

Austin shook his head, “We can stay together for now. A scout’s job is only really needed when we don’t know where we are going or when we need to track something.”

I nodded. “Good I wouldn’t know where to go anyway.”

Nyx tapped his heels to Thunderbolt’s side and started leading the way. “This way.”

“I’m the leader.” Rhesus shouted and put his horse to a gallop. “On me.”

Austin followed, as did Kis and I tapped Aurora’s side with my heels to get her started as well. Austin yelled after Rhesus. “Slow down, boy. You are going to kill your horse. We got several days travel ahead of us.”

Q: Does anything happen after they leave the Village?
(1d20+0: [9]+0 = 9)
No, but Enchanted, Lounge, March

We set out at a much faster pace than anyone really wanted, other than Rhesus. The sun rose past it’s height and we slowed then to grab a bit to eat as we walked our horses. We didn’t talk. We followed Rhesus unless Nyx thought we were going off course.

The Glowing Forest was just like any forest during the day, it was only at night did it truly become enchanted. Nyx and I had been in the woods many times, but we quickly passed the tree that marked the edge of The Vanguard Institutes property and the farthest we’d been from home. Nyx didn’t look at me, or talk much at all. Whatever funk he’d been in before I’d given him the cloak had returned. And I was pretty sure Trevan made it worse.

I pulled out the small scroll Trevan had given me and broke the seal.

Q: Is the message encrypted?
(1d20+0: [10]+0 = 10)

Q: Can anyone ready it?
(1d20+0: [7]+0 = 7)

Q: Is it a puzzle?
(1d20+0: [12]+0 = 12)
Yes, but Daughter, Toss, Child

Q: Is it about Sasha’s mother?
(1d20+0: [11]+0 = 11)
Yes, but Proposal, Direct, Hide

Q: Decipher the scroll (hindered) (15)
(1d20: [4] = 4)
Developer: Automatic Failure
(1d20: [1] = 1)

But as I looked at the scroll there was nothing written on it. Great! I thought to myself, I had to figure out how to read it. No telling what magic hid the words. Or what I had to do. All part of the test I supposed. I didn’t even know who the fuck Trevan worked for. Only that they promised to help me, and take care of both Nyx and I.

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  1. I love the description of Trevan! But poor Nyx!

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    1. lol. Well it’s both good and bad for Nyx.

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