The Vanguard Institute – Part 3

Q: Adventure Status – Unstable 4 (12)
Developer: PC Enabler
(1d20: [15] = 15)
Birth, Message, Target

Season: Spring

Day 1
Weather: Warm
Terrain: Village
Developer: But…
(1d20: [8] = 8)
Ability, Silence, Information

Q: Is the fire spreading quickly?
(1d20+0: [6]+0 = 6)

PoV: Sasha

Q: Put the fire out (eased) (9)
(1d20: [5] = 5)
Developer: NPC Inhibitor
(1d20: [17] = 17)
Track, Unsophisticated, Aftershock

Q: Rhesus tries to help by emptying the contents of his skin, is it water?
(1d20+0: [8]+0 = 8)
No, but Memory, Performance, Explosion

The explosion caused by Rhesus’ help sends Nyx into a memory of his village being destroyed

Things were always interesting around Nyx. Today was no different. Normally the horses loved him. Normally even the most skittish one would calm down. Rhesus must have pissed Willow off and she retaliated against everyone.

It was like watching in slow motion as Nyx tumbled backwards flailing to catch himself. The sudden jolt to the ground shot sparks from his finger tips. As the first caught the bale of hay next to him I was already moving towards the buckets and trough of water. It wasn’t the first fire, nor would it be the last — Nyx was a pile of anxiety and his control was good, but even he had problems sometimes.

Rhesus in all his inferiority reached into his pocket and pulled out a skin and dumped it on the fire. What should have been water was not. The alcohol burned and sputtered and popped loudly as it ignited more of the hay in sparks and flares.

Nyx’s body froze as he stared at the fire. Horror washed over his face. I couldn’t deal with him right then, the fire would threaten more than just us if it got out of hand.

Rhesus screamed as he ran out of the stables.

Q: Does help arrive?
(1d20+0: [13]+0 = 13)

Q: Put out the fire (12)
(1d20: [11] = 11)
Developer: PC Enabler
(1d20: [15] = 15)
Vessel, Scary, Original

Q: Is the vessel an artifact?
(1d20+0: [14]+0 = 14)

I hurried around the stables with the buckets and started tossing buckets full of water from the trough.

No sooner had I quelled one fire did it spread to another bale of hay. Nyx stood staring into the flames. I bumped into his shoulder as I tossed another bucket. “Help me!”

Q: Wake Nyx up / Nyx Intellect Defense (eased/hindered) (12)
(1d20: [13] = 13)
Developer: Automatic Success
(1d20: [20] = 20)

Nyx snapped out of the vision and blinked at me and then at the fire and rushed off to get more water. He gave me a sad grin as he rushed away.

Saleh rushed through the stable walls chanting and casting a spell. Brytha cawed at the door, and dropped a container in my hands. “Open the lid lad!” cried Saleh.

Austin and Nyx hurried in with more buckets of water.

I removed the lid.

Q: Put the fire out (eased asset vessel & npc help) (6)
(1d20: [12] = 12)
Developer: None
(1d20: [16] = 16)

Water gushed out of the container and I was pushed backwards. Nyx was there and he pushed me forward together we managed to douse all the flames with water and the peril of burning down our home — again, vanished.

Saleh chuckled, even as Nyx collapsed on the ground. “I’m sorry. So sorry.”

“It’s alright boy. We got it covered.” Saleh echoed as he crossed the room. “I think you should keep that, Sasha.”

[!note] Artifact
L1 Urn of Perpetual Water

Depletion check: 1d10: [8] = 8 -> Good

Rhesus was still running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I knelt down next to Nyx and put my hand on his shoulder. He looked up at me with those fire colored eyes drained of all their light. “It was an accident.”

Nyx gave me a weak smile and stood up in one graceful move. “We should go catch the horses.”

And he was back off to being bright and shiny and I knew that he would crash later. These accident’s always played on his mind and heart. And there wasn’t much anyone could do except let him work through it.

I followed him out of the stables and looked around the vicinity, there was no sign of the escaped horses.

Nyx bent down on the ground and peered across the terrain.

Q: Track the horses (12)
(1d20: [6] = 6)
Developer: None
(1d20: [18] = 18)

Nyx stood up and sighed. “There are just too many hoof prints for me to figure out where they went.” He cupped his hands and whistled loudly.

Q: Call the horses (eased) (9)
(1d20: [15] = 15)
Developer: None
(1d20: [14] = 14)

Nyx’s call was loud and familiar to the horses. Those in the pens came towards the fence, and Thunderbolt and Willow trotted to him after several longer moments.

The stable master raced out of the field and into the stables. Saleh called the large orc. “Everything is fine. Just a little char. Won’t hurt anyone. We’ll get the kids to come fix it up brand new.”

Rogan glared at Nyx and growled. “It’s a good thing you are leaving.” He looked at Saleh, “He’s not allowed in my stables.”

Saleh nodded. “As you wish it, Master Rogan.” The translucent specter looked at Nyx with a shrug, “You heard the master.”

Nyx nodded and grabbed Thunderbolts reins and lead him to the water trough where he saddled his horse in silence.

Rhesus tried to settle Aurora but she stomped and rutted whenever he drew near. “Maybe Rhesus needs someone to saddle his horse for him. And a different horse.” I suggested to our instructors. “Maybe he shouldn’t even come if he can’t handle the simple task. He can take Nyx’s place in the stables and if we fail Nyx can take his?”

Saleh chuckled and turned his gaze towards the rich and annoying child brat of a king and sighed. “He is needed at home, and they request his testing be done now. We will send a squire with him, not that he deserves one, but it is what he’s uses to. Sadly.”

Saleh drifted over to the boy and they walked away from Willow.

Nyx was finished saddling Thunderbolt and was already walking towards the gates. I grabbed Aurora’s reins and followed after him. “You got everything?”

Nyx looked at me. There was sadness in his eyes. He patted the back of his saddle and I noticed the bag hung neatly there. He turned his gaze back towards the gates and we walked in silence. I wished I knew what was going through his head. But he didn’t want to talk — and that was concerning.

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