New Way/Direction

As you’ve noticed AJ fell off again. We had plans, we always do. We were going to rewrite The Ascendant stuff, but AJ’s already done that so many times, and she’s on a solo tabletop role playing game kick right now that leads into the writing and we’ve yet to find that perfect place to write and dream and do all that we want and need. So forgive us if we go through a lot of trial and error. We are adjusting.

We’ve moved all the old defunct posts into an Archive category though you’ll likely not notice anything for now, maybe in the future if we can get to do anything like what we want.

Today, AJ’s gonna post the start of what we are currently calling “New Adventures”. A tale of me and Alex off on grand adventures. We aren’t going to give you much back story. But we’ll work on character sheets and biographies and stuff. You’ll get all the dice rolls and questions. We may not post everyday, as not everyday is a story day, some days AJ spends making random tables, or world building. All stuff we’ll eventually share here or someplace else that you can access.

I miss all my readers and I hate that I’m flightly these days. Hopefully we can rectify that, even if we don’t post a story maybe I’ll post something. We’ll see.

AJ’s also working on a short story entry to Auto Crit’s contest the theme is Treasure Hunt. It’s based off a quick playthrough of a game she did. It was fun. We generated a semi random grid, and we wandered around until we found the treasure, then AJ put it to a story that made sense. After the contest is over we’ll share both the game play and the story itself.

We are using the Cypher System (CSRD) as an RPG mechanic, some mechanics from the Solo RPG Toolbox Part I and II, a few from the Chaos GM Emulator and Chaos NPC Generator

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