We talked more specifically about origins two weeks ago. AJ created a new Focus that is a part of my Origin. Basically we took my origin and my focus and made it all one thing so that it meshed better to make a more cohesive story. But today, we are going to present the other Ability/Disadvantages of the others and then tomorrow we’ll do my new origin.

AJ’s already started the story and we have several days worth of posts for that but AJ wants a few more in the hole because like today she spent most of her writing time doing some world building that will be needed for the next few bits. We are going as is and we’ve already thrown two wrenches into the story in which AJ was heading until we made an abrupt turn. Which is the point of this.

This might not be necessarily always ‘monster of the week’ but I think more along the lines of ‘setting of the month’ combined with ‘monster of the week’ while we travel through the setting. We might be in a place longer doing things longer than just taking care of a monster or whichever. I think it’ll be fun. There is a story to tell right now as AJs making the town we are about to go to and as a first adventure it’s pretty good.

So here are the origins of Ant, Ryan and Alex. Pretty sure you can tell whose is whose.

Dream walker


  • Dreamcraft


  • After your first recovery roll you take 10% longer to recover as your mind drifts into slumber land and it takes a little longer to come out of it.



  • Drain Creature


  • You Must Feed: If you fail to drain a creature once per session your might and speed pools are decreased by 1 until you use drain creature to restore one lost pool per action. ie: failure to use it once per session would require 3 the next session to regain all your pools back and not take another hit. The affects are cumulative


A vampires bound human servant


  • Calm


  • Being so receptive to others’ thoughts and moods makes you vulnerable to anything that attacks your mind. Intellect defense rolls are hindered. (origin)

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