New Year, New Me?



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No this isn’t one of those posts. Well not exactly. AJ has plotted out the whole series. We don’t have the minutiae of each book in detail, but we have the overall scope of all the books. The Series is called The Ascendant, it is part of the Soul Touched collection. There will be seven books tentatively titled, The Call of the Dragon, Lunar Fury, The Last Phoenix, The Shadow Lands, The Power of Succession, Vexing Destiny, and Breaking Chains.

We have moved from New York City to Nethergate. AJ is joining in a Dungeon 23 Challenge this next year where the goal is to build a dungeon room every day. AJ’s going to modify it to 1 City Block every weekday starting with the important bits around the Call of the Dragon. It won’t be a full city map in that time frame I’m sure, as AJ is going to want to leave room for the other books to add to the locations.

Nethergate is a fictional city like New York in that it is always awake — a true city that never sleeps as it was founded by vampires. Nethergate and the surrounding area is important in the Lore of the Soul Touched, and it is a place humans typically just over look. Normal mundane humans live in all reaches of Nethergate, and they remember the city but they don’t truly see the supernatural that live among them. Visitors come and go and never really remember truly the time they’ve spent in the city, only that they did and that it was uneventful. The magic of the Clandestine Providence protecting the area.

Nethergate is found somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard south of Washington DC.

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