So Round Three Thousand Four Hundred…

That is probably an exaggeration but it might not be too.

AJ’s decided to rewrite my whole story again!!!!

The long and short of it is, AJ’s love said I’d rather play your character creation types than the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. And AJ’s been toying with the idea and working on it. And then came the idea that she could retool my story with these rules for magic for consistency. The World Lore would be built so there wouldn’t be as many inconsistencies.

AND AJ knows exactly what we NEED to happen and what kinda arc the whole 4/5 book series is and we can plan ALL of it!

So AJ is building the RPG game rules and has had a few sleepless nights that we’ve just worked on things. We are nearing a point where we can create characters. Not quite ready to plot the characters against creatures.

AJ plans on making the First Hunt a series of scenarios that she can take various characters through (including myself at level 1) and work on balancing the mechanics. They are based on the modern d20 SRD and the 5e SRD Open Game License. The modern SRD is 3.x but AJ thinks she’s converted the parts she took from it to 5e rather well. At least it should work for us (we hope)

In addition to rewriting my story we are relocating my life. No longer will I live in New York City. I will be so sad. Instead AJ is going to create a 24/7 city that is much smaller and totally our own creation. AJ found this Fantasy town generator that is totally epic! But it generates medieval towns and not modern cities. AJ’s considering using it as it’s like google maps for RPGs. We’d have to tweak the buildings a bit and it generates NPCs which is great. The professions are medieval and such so still a lot of work. But is it less work than doing a city from scratch? We will see. When we get that far into planning.

AJ’s leaning towards building her own city. She wishes she could take the code from that site and tweak it herself. That would be a fun task she’d love.

I figured I’d update you on that.

I’m not sure what that means for this blog. We won’t be publishing the book until it’s ready for ebook. Kindle Vella requires a bit more work than AJ has time for. When we do the First Hunt scenarios we might publish them. AND if we do we might do it podcast style since we are moving me away from NYC my accent can be generic like AJs with the voice modulations of course. But easier on AJ recording the story.

We might open it up to too some of you if you’d be interested in making a character and running through a scenario or two to play test. It might be fun. Totally let me know if you’d be interested.



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