Getting Closer

We have got the options available for each characters first scene, AJ just has to write them. So we’ll start with them on Monday. We will leave each one on a precarious ledge and you’ll help us decide which way to go. AJ has some thoughts on the way we’d like to go. But we expect there will be a big denial of those paths by the roll of the dice and your choices.

So this is how we are going to do it. We’ll roll the appropriate dice and that will be our vote. We’ll check to see what you guys think, and if they match great, if not we’ll take the higher count. ie: There are 4 options for the first round. If we get 3 votes, but roll a 4 the 4th option would win. If you only have 2 votes, well then option 3 would win.

At least that’s our thoughts at the moment. That could change as we move forward.

Today you get al’Zand Elovar’s back story.

Life was rough for al’Zand as he grew up. His mother a prostitute and his father a John he never knew. He grew up in the brothel his mother worked. Saw all kinds of depravity from a young age — from gambling to killing. He’d seen it all before the age of ten.

And by twenty, al’Zand had made a name for himself. It might not have been the best name, but it was a name. During his childhood, al’Zand had picked up any musical instrument that was left by the patrons of the brothel. He taught himself the songs of merriment and wrote a few himself. He was very good at entertaining.

All the girls loved him. Most of the Johns thought he was amusing. And al’Zand took his playing to the streets. But the streets were a dangerous place for a boy with no money. So al’Zand started playing cards, and dicing with boys on the street — gaining a few coins here and there to make his life easier. Stealing a few coins from the Johns at the brothel when he returned. He even managed a few games before the owner kicked him out.

That’s when times got even harder after that. Money was tight. But a game was easy to find, and al’Zand found one every night. He even found a man willing to pay him to win games for him. Until the day al’Zand found out they rigged the next game. Instead of going in, losing his shirt, al’Zand ran with the money he’d made for his patron and caught the first ship out of his homeland — never to return.

His stop lead him to a city teaming with gambling and money to be taken, but his patron found him and al’Zand fled again on another ship, this time as stowaway. Without a booked passage, it was harder to track him — at least that was his plan.

al’Zand met a woman with golden blond hair and a beautiful voice. She introduced herself, and soon the boat was rocking in more ways than one. Else Orlantia was a con woman who tried to steal from him the moment he fell asleep. But he caught her. 

al’Zand thought they had parted ways at the next port, but she waltzed up to him and the innkeeper in Ashbourne and introduced herself. “We are the Great Elovars. Maybe you’ve heard of us? We could play a few songs tonight, entertain your crowd for room and board?”

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