Party of Five

We decided that in order to give enough time for voting AJ would put together a party of five characters. One for each weekday of the week. We will roll initiative at the start of each week to determine who goes first.

ae’Nyx’s back story is complete. AJ’s going to work on al’Zand’s and the others this morning. Hopefully we’ll be able to present them throughout the week.

I don’t think we’ll get to the story just yet. AJ’s working on each of the five of us and the world around us. It’s not a whim. And with reluctance, I will make sure AJ doesn’t get too far into the world building, but AJ wants to make sure each of us has the back story we need. Our Character Sheets are changing as each of us gets our backstory.

It may not be the final version, but here is my current Level 1 Character Sheet.

And without further adieu I present to you ae’Nyx Riva’s backstory

Aelfwyn, the only doctor in Diremore, bore the son of a patient whom she cared for. At first Aelfwyn thought ae’Nyx was dead as he came out ashen and cold to the touch, but his cries of shock told a different story.

Strange things happened around ae’Nyx from the beginning of his life. Aelfwyn never took the child anywhere and when he learned to walk, she locked him in a closet while she had patients. 

When ae’Nyx was five, his eyes glowed red, his body language changed, and the words he spoke were foreign to Aelfwyn. She converted a small patient room into a locked room for ae’Nyx and locked him away after that. She shoved food under the door and never unlocked the room. Whatever he did inside, she never knew.

Inside his locked room, Boggles and other creatures of the Shadowfell visited ae’Nyx. Their home was close enough to the Leech; they appeared inside the locked walls searching for his despair. The voice of the creature inside his head was his only company. It taught him things, things ae’Nyx could never make up. It gave him the recipe for a concoction that would keep the voice at bay. ae’Nyx had tricked the voice into revealing the recipe in a devious game of ‘you can’t do that’. He named the concoction Tranquil after the effects it had on the voice.

The concoction requires the oil from the Boggles that visited ae’Nyx and a plant that his mother gave him to sedate him. Unfortunately, the voice in his head got its revenge because the drug was also highly addictive, without a steady dosing schedule of the liquid, ae’Nyx would not only hear the voice again and lose control over the possession the Shadar-kai had over his body, but would also be in severe pain and unable to function the longer he went without.

During one long instance of his withdrawal, ae’Nyx succumbed to the inner Shadar-kai and when his mother offered food through the grate in the door, the Shadar-kai grabbed his mother’s hand and pulled her through the grate. Her screams rang in ae’Nyx’s mind whenever a bell tolled after the incident. 

The Shadar-kai pulled her body through until he had the keys and released ae’Nyx from captivity. Instead of fleeing the scene, the Shadar-kai made a vial of the wretched concoction so that ae’Nyx could live through the pain of losing (and killing) his mother.

Upon finding his mother’s remains, he fled Diremore for Ashbourne, intending to let no one suffer like himself. 

*edit* We removed a bit in the beginning. Still applies for those who got to read it, but we left it vague like the others.

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