A Direction

We have a new passion. We are on this kick about a choose your own adventure RPG type book. AJ has the first book in the Lonewolf series called Flight from the Dark. Her first read through she did in the opening hook of the book. That was fun.

AJ’s working on writing a program to do this type of thing in book format like a game. But that’s taking too long.

And somewhere AJ and I came up with a good idea. We are going to write a story on the fly using as much randomness as we can.

So much of yesterday’s writing time consisted of making a Dungeon and Dragon’s character randomly. Today’s time too.

I took a personality quiz. I ended up with a Sorcerer Class. Which actually fits with me. AJ did a lot of random rolls and we came up with this Level 1 Character. Not all of it was random by the end. As we randomly rolled things started to fall into place and AJ went back and tweaked the character. And really the random rolls worked in our favor most of the time and sometimes were spot on.

Today AJ worked on Alex and my in story father. He’s not Kai or Dorian and Marco. Not any variation of what my life has been but it works for this story.

Now we have to rise to the occasion and create some sort of plot. Though AJ’s kinda going to wing it on a daily basis. Maybe next week we’ll start writing. But first we are still building up our little world to start in. It’s based on the Forgotten Realms Lore with some of our own tweaks in it. We might share the official back stories next week before we right. Honestly I don’t know.

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