New Platform

So AJ is retooling her platform again. I mentioned that yesterday. It’s not anything anyone would really notice, but AJ switched from Engage Bay to MailerLite for her email system. Mostly because that’s what they use at work, and it’s easier to use the same tools.

But AJ learned all about edge computing through work too and now lives on the edge. AND it has it’s own forms that submit and no keys were revealed in the process. (Whatever that means!)

So go ahead join the newsletter! I know I’ve been preaching about it lately but don’t let that make me the enemy. I mean I really shouldn’t flush or maybe that’s a blush? I don’t know I can never tell. But anyway, I don’t want to brag that I’ll be doing most of the writing. (Well AJ will, but in my voice!) We’ve decided to call the newsletter – Escaping Into Reality. The tag line to this blog actually!

I’m sorry for the crap the past few days. We are trying to figure out what to write here during the week other than my non-sensical rambling. So bear with us. We do hope it’ll get better.

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