A Whole New World

AJ’s trying out lots of new things and I’m disappointed in the results. So I’m coming back to at least posting once a day for the week. We might give ourselves some leeway on the weekends. No worrying about posts then so maybe AJ can keep this going — all part of the morning routine and all.

We’ll try to throw together some words for all of you. And myself as well. I miss writing and being heard so yeah, that’s what I think we’ll do. There isn’t an abundant amount of prompt sites we want to use but if you know of any we’ve not mentioned before we’d love to know of them. AJ will attempt to use The Daily Spur or FOWC‘s daily prompt. We have a few others that we know about but these are the easier ones for us. We get better luck out of the words anyway.

We are also thinking of maybe of starting a semi canon story here that AJ writes directly into WordPress and then records it in Dabble for potential use later.

But that’s still a thought not an actual plan.

If you are looking to read something of mine. AJ’s dropping new episodes of The Call of the Dragon on Kindle Vella every Monday. The first three episodes are free. When AJ hits the edit mode again, we may pick up the pace. But we’ll see. The episodes are edited but not in their final states. So the e-book when released will be slightly different and cleaner than the ones dropped on Vella.

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