First Episode

The first episode of The Call of the Dragon will be dropping on Friday. Today you were supposed to get a post on Summer Time recipes, but AJ didn’t do the work, and currently dealing with a fever and not in the thinking capacity area to do the work.

So today we are just going to talk about the Author platform.

Kindle Vella will publish every Friday until The Call of the Dragon is done. Probably will be in various stages of editing as we post it all up. The final ebook will likely contain slightly different material as we edit.

Also two Monday’s before the episode drops on Kindle Vella those patrons on Patreon will get it early. As well as some Patreon only content twice a month. It’s actually a story AJ has been wanting to write for a while so it’s good we can get that going as a side project.

And don’t forget to sign up at our newsletter. We will drop that the fourth Thursday of every month. This month it should be sent out on the 27th. You can join at AJ’s website



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